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Why Cut Throat?

Because we are here to make you money. That means upping your online marketing game so that you bring in more customers and more revenue. We provide no-nonsense marketing services for local South Carolina and national brands to expand their customer bases and position themselves as leaders in their industries.

To do that, we provide our clients with brutally honest assessments about what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to happen to make their marketing efforts successful. No smoke and mirrors, no fluff, just real strategies based off of successful digital marketing techniques and hard data. 


What we do

You can’t afford to negotiate with quality and visibility when it comes to landing new customers.

Website Design and Hosting

The first step towards having a killer online presence is an effective website. The staff at Cut Throat Marketing includes expert designers who know how to make a site that is easy to read, that is eye-catching and attractive, and that shows up on search engine results. 

Online Reputation Management

Dont let one bad review tank your online reputation. We make sure that when someone searches for our company, they find positive reviews on a cohesive brand across all relevant review sites. 

Social Media Marketing

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and quickly becoming the go-to for more accurately targeting key demographics. But social media isnt for everyone: if we think that you will get a big return with a social media campaign, well push for it. If not, then we will move on. We are here to make you money, not waste your time. 

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Putting your brand in front of your customer is our #1 priority, and we do that with expert SEO. Our content developers and web designers utilize tactics that get your sites on top of search engine results. We analyze data and implement strategies that let us market your company for the audience you want, based on what they want. We also provide optional paid search advertising to give your brand that extra boost and visibility. 


Graphic Design

We have partnered with Big Eye Bird, a South Carolina design firm, to help with your graphics and logos. We work with them to ensure that all your brand assets are published in the best possible resolution. And, if you need more hands-on help with logo design and creation, we can refer you to Big Eye Bird directly.

Fearless Leaders

Feel free to reach out! We offer consulting services individually for each of our specialties!

Cynthia Giles


Cynthia’s passion is helping people understand technology. From consulting to one-on-one training, Cynthia’s has a way of explaining the details in simple terms that are easy to follow.

Geoffrey Giles


Geoffrey Giles started his career as an IT Management expert in cloud computing, data backup, and data security. He likes function, analytics and data. Has a tendency to use words no one understands.

Gerald Jackson

Controller of all Content

Gerald is a professional SEO and Content Strategist who specializes in industry-specific copywriting for general audiences. He has a Ph.D. In Communication from the University of South Carolina, specializing in professional and technical writing.

Pierre Livingston

Web Dev & Photography

Pierre Livingston is a professional web developer and designer, born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. An eye for design, he spends his free time offering photography and video services.

Cut Throat Marketing

Cut Throat Marketing was founded by Cynthia Giles in 2017 in the Midlands of Columbia, South Carolina. Woman-owned and operated, Cut Throat Marketing is a proud American company with partners and clients across the nation. Our approach is simply: we provide no-nonsense marketing and advertising services that help local and national brands expand their customer base, reach wider audiences, and position themselves as authorities within their industry. We have had such strong initial success that we won the award for “Best New Business for 2017” by the Greater Irmo Chamber Gala Awards our first year in business and are hoping gain more in the future!


Our Projects Include:

East Coast Turf Pros Website By Cut Throat Marketing
Whitehall Carpet Cleaners Website By Cut Throat Marketing
Serenity Therapeutic Massage
Custom Comfort Website By Cut Throat Marketing
Fancy That Bistro and Catering Website by CTM
Bristeeri Technologies IT Security Specialist

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