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You’re Right. Most Digital Marketing Companies Are Clueless.

Why Cut Throat Marketing?

You need to work with someone who puts business goals first.

You suspected as much, but it’s true. The last company you dealt with read somewhere that Facebook video was going to be huge, or that you needed to write blogs and hashtag things, and they built a service package around… doing that. They had no idea why, or how any of it was supposed to grow your business.

  • Did their Internet marketing efforts drive any real business? No way to be sure.
  • What was the cost per lead for this fancy new sales channel? It’s complicated…
  • Why do any of this in the first place? Everyone else is doing it…

Impressions and Views Aren’t Money. 

Building your business, you’ve already learned more about getting things done than 80% of digital marketing companies out there. You know how to deliver a competitive service, how to grow your customer base, and how to manage the complex, day-to-day operations of a profitable team.
Your Internet marketing partners should support those objectives, not chase “engagement” or “traffic” for its own sake. Just like everything else you do, their work needs to support the continued, stable growth of a profitable business.

Spam Bots Aren’t Customers.

Digital Marketing simplified with Cut Throat Marketing

If a marketing team can’t connect their efforts to your performance objectives in plain language, do not work with them.

Even if their intentions are honest, a lot of digital marketing types spend too much time on the computer to remember that traffic and likes aren’t money in your pocket. Maybe they can make you the funniest plumber on Twitter, but can they find you customers that pick up the phone in your service area?

Do they understand the difference anymore?

You need a marketing partner that doesn’t buy into trends and social hype. You want someone focused on leads, sales, and profit. You suddenly understand why we call ourselves Cut Throat Marketing. 


Your New Marketing Partners 

Meet your new digital marketing team! A whole team of experts that want to see your business succeed. 

Cynthia Giles

Cynthia Giles

Founder & CEO

Geoffrey Giles

Geoffrey Giles

Founder & COO

Tayla Cameron

Tayla Cameron

Office Manager

Cut Throat Marketing
Numbers Over Nonsense

We help local business owners develop profit-generating websites, social media profiles, and advertising campaigns by keeping our eyes on the numbers. If it doesn’t make you money, we won’t do it.

  • Profit-Focused and Responsive Web Design
  • Award-Winning Local Business Marketing
  • Direct Management by Marketing Industry Veterans
  • SEO and Social Media Management Services
  • Free, Best-in-Class Marketing Performance Audits

Our team doesn’t chase likes, impressions, and trends. We care about leads. Sales. Referrals. Actually growing your business with measurable, provable returns on investment.

If it doesn't make you money, we wont do it!

Learn more about how we grow business online, or get a free site audit to see if partnering with CTM would be mutually profitable.


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