Goal Tracking Data Drives Our Decisions

Sick and tired of digital gurus with promises they can’t keep? Had enough of spending money on marketing without any insight into how it’s actually working? Your company needs a clear and strong online strategy based on hard data, but you can’t get there without a dashboard that shows you your actual digital marketing numbers. At Cut Throat, we have the tools to measure and optimize every marketing decision to increase your ROI and consistently generate growth. With the Google Analytics Configuration Service from Cut Throat Marketing, you can start measuring your output with analytics, goal tracking, and dashboards in an easy-to-read format to start making better decisions for your business today.

Stop. Wasting. Money. Find out how goal tracking can increase your bottom line today.

Optimization Is the Key to Higher ROI

Without clear and updated data on your company’s objectives and goals, it’s impossible to know how (or if!) your marketing plan is working, or how to optimize it to improve performance. Data is at the heart of any good digital marketing plan. That’s why Cut Throat sets up easy to understand dashboards with your marketing data, goals tracking, and clear analytics. Now, whenever you have a question about your marketing strategy or where your money is going, all you have to do is check your own personalized dashboard, which comes with:

  • Insight into the specifics of your marketing plan
  • Customization based on your company’s goals
  • Continual measurement via Google Analytics and Google Data Studio
  • Timely optimization suggestions as necessary to ensure continual growth
  • Ability to make adjustments in strategy for higher ROI and lower ad spend

Analytics Dashboards Help You Make Smarter Business Decisions

Our goal is to provide great results with honesty and transparency from start to finish. We have no patience for false or misleading content. That means we will never lie to you or sugarcoat your results. In fact, with Google Analytics dashboards, you will be able to view your goal tracking in real-time to see how your ad campaigns are performing across platforms. Not only does this create transparency at every level of the process, but it makes you a more informed business owner. Analytics data drives our decision-making process, and it can help you to do the same.

Here are a few of the measurable outcomes you can manage with goal tracking and Google Analytics services from Cut Throat:

  • Measure campaign performance
  • Build targeted audiences
  • A/B Testing
  • Click Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Web traffic and sources
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Social media conversions
  • Ecommerce conversion tracking
  • And more

Goal Tracking Has Never Been Easier

At Cut Throat, our goal is to grow your business and help you make the right decisions to expand it even more. Not only are our digital marketing strategies based on real-time Google Analytics data, but you will be able to see that data and make informed decisions on it whenever you want:

  • Marketing objectives that align with your company’s growth goals
  • Specific, measurable, timely, and realistic outcomes
  • Real-time data updates across all marketing platforms
  • Data-driven decisions increase CRO and ROI

Ready to see what measurable goal tracking can do for your company? Want to experience the difference that quality Google Analytics dashboards can make? Give us a call today to get a free quote and find out if we’re a good fit. Don’t worry: We’ll be honest. In fact, we’ll be Cut Throat.

Google Tag Manager data studio

Answers to Your Questions

What is Google Analytics and why do I need it?

Google Analytics is a website data tracking platform made by Google. In general, it allows you to see the traffic your website is getting and where it comes from. You need it to be able to easily optimize your landing pages and advertising campaigns and gain key insight into how your overall digital marketing strategy is working and how to improve it further.

What are Google Analytics goals?

Google Analytics goals show you how well your site is completing your business’s digital marketing objectives. A goal can be anything that results in a conversion of some kind. This might be something as simple as buying a product or service, or it might be tracking sign-ups via an email form, or Google Ads conversion tracking. You can define your goals however you want to see and measure your website conversion and optimize accordingly.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Analytics allows you to see metrics regarding your digital marketing platform, and Google Data Studio reporting takes this a step further. With Data Studio, you can create interactive charts and graphs and visually appealing reports based on your analytics data.

What is Google Tag Manager?

You can finally stop worrying about learning to code. Google Tag Manager allows you to manage every tag on your website without the need to write or edit any code. Best of all? It’s available to use absolutely for free as part of the broader Google Analytics suite of tools and software.

What is heat mapping software?

Heat mapping software allows you to see where people are viewing and interacting with your website. For example, you can see where the mouse is moving across the page, which links people are clicking on, and how long they spend on each page or blog article before converting, exiting, etc. This is one of our primary tools for conversion rate optimization.

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