Marketing Isn’t Just One Thing

Many ‘marketing’ companies sell a product: search engine optimization, website design, or social media marketing. Each of these, in isolation, may help your company do better in the long run – but to see the best results marketing can’t just be one or two ‘services’ – it has to be a holistic approach to doing business.

With that in mind, we’ve created an 8-step comprehensive marketing system that lets us reliably help companies perform better.

Step 1 – Onboarding Interview

Digital marketing services take team work

Get to Know Each Other

It all begins with a conversation. Our onboarding meeting includes the entire team so everyone from our SEO experts to our copywriters will get a chance to meet you and hear your story. This goes both ways, and you’ll simultaneously get a chance to meet our team, ask us questions, and learn more about how we’ll help your company grow.

Discover Market Advantages

Many of our clients run fantastic businesses. They do great work, offer great service, and do so at a competitive price. However, they might not be able to articulate precisely what it is that puts them above the rest. We drill deeper into your business’s market advantages to help you discover what your secret sauce really is.

Learn About Your Business

We’ll dive into the nitty gritty of your business: everything from hours of operations, holidays, origin story, favorite color, hopes, dreams, goals, what you’ve tried so far, and more! It seems like a lot, but the better an understanding we have of your business the better we’ll be able to craft a marketing plan that encapsulates your values.

Past Advertising Campaigns

We’re firm believers in not reinventing the wheel, and so we like to hear what our clients have already tried. In some cases we’re starting from scratch, but in others a marketing plan had previously been attempted. Learning from the successes and failures that came before us helps us to move forward.

Step 2 – Research

Target Audience Discovery

Generally, our clients have a robust understanding of who they are best equipped to serve. However, we always make sure that opportunities haven’t been overlooked, and have helped clients find easily filled gaps within their market. Finding low hanging fruit is a great way to have your marketing plan make the biggest impact.

Competitive Audit

Marketing never happens in a vacuum – there is always a competitor out there. Often, we find that the competition has failed to capitalize on some core marketing strategies, giving us a clear route to put our clients in a favorable position. Additionally, surveying the competition lets us identify trends and see where the industry may be going next.

Review Current Marketing Performance

Whether our clients have adopted SEO techniques and paid advertising or are just getting started online, it is imperative to see how their marketing is currently performing. This helps us determine where the biggest room for improvement is, and also to see which efforts they’ve already found success with.

Keyword Research

For keyword research we step into the mind of your customer and ask ourselves what sort of search would lead them to discover your business. This laborious process leaves no stone unturned, and we sift through potentially thousands of keywords to find the search terms which will most efficiently drive traffic and generate leads.

Keyword Universe for Cut Throat Marketing

Step 3 – Design

Customized Wireframe for Cut Throat Marketing

Update Branding

Your company’s branding is its identity, so an important part of our process is to ensure that you are broadcasting an image which accurately represents your business. We go through all of your current branding media to ensure it still reflects your brand, updating out-of-date information, and creating vector images for flawless scalability.


There are many ways to spend ad dollars in order to get more leads – and choosing the right channels to advertise in is not a decision to be taken lightly. We compare cost per lead generated across digital platforms including Google and social media, traditional media including radio and billboards, local chamber of commerce membership, and more.


Every element of your branding should work towards a goal. Whether that is converting new leads, enhancing brand loyalty, educating customers about a new service or sale – your design should have purpose. We go through every piece of media that represents your company and ensure that they are effectively serving their intended role!


Wireframes are the skeleton of a website – giving our designers and copywriters a roadmap to work from. Every website we build is custom, although we structure our sites following principles that help move prospects from uncertain, to understanding, to ready to purchase. Your website is designed from the ground up to make sales!

Step 4 – Optimize for Conversion

Identify Value Propositions

Value propositions answer the question “If I am your ideal customer, why would I choose to work with you?” This deceptively simple question underpins effective marketing and as such we endeavor to answer this question with clarity and precision. Once identified, these value propositions serve as the focus of your website’s design and copy.

Strengthen Desire

We weave the value propositions with the four elements of consumer desire: Clarity, Credibility, Appeal, and Exclusivity. Clarity: customers must understand your claims. Credibility: customers must believe your claims. Appeal: customers must see the value of your claims. Exclusivity: customers must think working with you is best.

Communicate Value

It is easy to tell your customers that you’re the best in your industry – but it is far harder to have them believe you. We craft marketing messages by using specific, quantifiable, and verifiable claims, and then let the conclusions arise naturally. A good business has products that sell themselves – if you only let the products speak!

Talk to Your Customer, Not at Them

Your customer is a person, first and foremost, and wants to be treated like one! They don’t want to be pandered to, or bamboozled with marketing-speak, they just want to know that you are offering the solution to their problem. This no-nonsense approach to marketing helps customers connect more naturally with your company.
We LOVE our clients and enjoy building bonds and businesses!

Step 5 – Build

Marketing built for ease and efficiency

Website Copy

Compelling copy speaks to your customer, clarifies your product, addresses their concerns, and makes it easy to go from prospect to customer. Our writers channel your brand’s identity into the text, giving your readers a taste for what working with your company will be like. The result is a custom website that sounds like your brand and sells more effectively.

Updated Social Media Presence

Once upon a time social media was something only teenagers had, but times have changed and today most of the customers you want to engage with (and your competitors!) are on social media. Our social media experts craft Facebook and Instagram accounts that promote brand awareness and increase customer engagement.

Custom Websites

A website is more than just pictures and copy, it is a cohesive framework that is intuitive for humans to navigate and simultaneously easy for Google’s bots to parse. We build our websites from the ground up – eschewing templates which include unnecessary bloat that slows down page load times.

Optimize Business Processes

While we’re not here to tell you how to run your business, we are here to help unify your inboxes and make identifying and responding to leads a more streamlined process. Rather than have multiple inboxes and accounts to check, we help our clients bring everything together under one roof, making it easier to track customer requests and feedback.

Step 6 – Execute

Drive Awareness

The first step towards getting customers in the door is getting them to know the door is there! We approach this holistically, using community engagement opportunities, social media, and traditional marketing media such as television, radio, and newspaper. Whenever possible we try to get community level engagement, as we find this to be highly effective.

Drive Repeat Business

What’s better than a customer? A loyal customer. Word of mouth, online reviews, newsletters, and organic social media engagement are some of the most powerful marketing tools available. We use automated review management systems to help our clients get more reviews, driving future business and protecting against the deleterious effects of negative reviews.

Drive Conversions

Unlike other marketing companies who focus on traffic, we recognize that lots of website visitors or phone calls is not the same thing as lots of sales. For that reason, we focus our efforts on building a marketing strategy that targets your ideal audience and helps smooth their journey from prospect to customer.

We Design your website with SEO in mind. Reach for page 1!

 Step 7 – Measure

Turn your data into informative reports and dashboards with Google Data Studio(GDS)

Custom Dashboards

For each website we build, we additionally create Google Data Studio dashboards. These dashboards allow performance to be monitored at a glance – with key performance indicators prominently displayed. Conversion, traffic, website flow, and more are all tracked – allowing us to see where there is room for improvement.

Heat Maps

One way we track website performance is by tracking user interactions within your website. A heatmap lets us see where your customers are spending their time on your webpage, clueing us into subjects that interest them and where their attention begins to wane. This helps us optimize page length, subject matter, and position calls to action more effectively.

Tracking Phone Numbers

Even in our digital era, it isn’t uncommon for local services to get most of their business over the phone. It might seem impossible to track where these calls are coming from, but technology has an answer! We assign unique phone numbers to individual marketing campaigns, allowing us to see which campaigns are driving leads.

Traditional Analytics

Google Analytics and Google Search Console have been around for almost 2 decades now and still offer great insights into traditional KPIs like number of visits, time on page, bounce rate, acquisition channels, and more. Using GA and GSC we are able to ensure that your company’s marketing strategy is on track to meeting its goals.

Step 8 – Adjust

Adjust to Changing Market Conditions

Markets change over time, from season to season, from periods of economic boom to the belt cinching of recession. Just as markets change, marketing needs change. A one size fits all approach simply never fits all that well, and so we adjust our marketing efforts on a regular basis to best fit the current economic environment.

Monthly Performance Evaluation Meetings

At the end of the day the only results that really matter are the results that you are seeing! While we can monitor website traffic and ad conversions, the way we really keep track of our progress is by regularly communicating with our clients. To that end we arrange for monthly meetings with our clients to see how our marketing efforts are being felt on their end.

Reduce Underperforming Marketing Spend

We do everything in our power to make sure your ad dollars will result in conversions, but the way we ensure this is by monitoring advertising performance. If, despite our best efforts, a certain marketing channel isn’t doing well, we’ll rethink that particular avenue and put that money to better use elsewhere.

Explore New Lead Generation Opportunities

We’re never content to rest on our laurels. Even as we achieve traffic and conversion targets we’re looking for ways to improve by constantly learning and experimenting with new technologies and new techniques. As current websites reach their traffic and conversion apogee we introduce these novel approaches to see continued growth.

Digital Marketing takes a team. Monthly meetings to ensure success

Why Work With Cut Throat Marketing

Put simply, we are the best marketing company in South Carolina. We have a passion for education and self-improvement and are not content to rest on our laurels. When you work with us you are getting a marketing partner who will take the time to get to know your business and develop effective marketing strategies tailored to help you grow.

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Schedule a Free Consultation

What It Takes To Get Started

15-30 minutes of your time to discuss:

  • Your company
  • Which goals you’d like to achieve in the next 6-12 months
  • What you’re already doing to achieve these goals
Cynthia Giles accepting Award from The Irmo Chamber of Commerce.

What You’ll Get From The Consultation

  • A 15-30 minute free consultation with one of our marketing strategists
  • An honest assessment of your current marketing model
  • 2-3 actionable tips to improve your lead generation
  • High level marketing strategy to meet your 6-12 month goals
  • A quote for implementing these recommendations (if both parties feel this is a good fit)