About Us

Cut Throat Marketing was founded by Cynthia Giles in 2017 in the Midlands of Columbia, South Carolina. Woman-owned and operated, Cut Throat Marketing is a proud American company with partners and clients across the nation. Our approach is simply: we provide no-nonsense marketing and advertising services that help local and national brands expand their customer base, reach wider audiences, and position themselves as authorities within their industry. Our team of web developers, content creators, and graphic designers have worked with clients in over 25 states and dozens of metropolitan areas to help them develop their brands across digital media channels. We work closely with you as if you were our neighbor. . . Which means we are brutally honest about the steps needed to make your businesses successful in the online advertising market. There isn’t any fluff here-if what you are doing isn’t increasing web traffic, increasing sales, or increasing your visibility, then we’ll change it so that your content development and marketing brings in actual revenue. Cut Throat Marketing has had such strong initial success that we recently won the award for “Best New Business for 2017” by the Greater Irmo Chamber Gala Awards. If your organization is looking for a way to invest in real success, real support, and real results, then contact us to start a consultation with Cut Throat Marketing. We’ll start you on a path that will change the shape of your digital marketing strategy.

Be Brave, Be Cut Throat.

Take the next step for your business and contact Cut Throat Marketing today. Stop throwing your money away and invest in your future. We know SEO can be confusing; Be brave, Cut Throat is here to help your business do it right.

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