Helping the little guy up

Cut Throat Marketing was founded in Columbia, South Carolina in 2017.  Our mission is to assist small businesses and nonprofits with competitive survival in a global market place driven by technology. We have one core value; No business is too small.

Marketing is the process of captivating potential customers in your products and/or services. Before modern changes in technology, people bought goods from other people, making the direct need of a business’ marketing plan to generate customers through the door. Today, because of our change in communication as a society, personal interaction is not your first contact with a potential customer. This means your marketing plan must generate customers to go to your website, read reviews and follow your business on social media. Most of us live online, so one bad review or public comment from an unhappy customer will ruin your business’ online brand.  


"Your business isn't a joke, your marketing shouldn't be either."

Today, your website is your business’ main marketing ambassador. Sometimes it is the only interaction a customer has with your business and should be treated as a valuable employee. Just owning a website is not enough, and won’t guarantee you get found online. To make online marketing work, your content must follow all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements. This includes keeping your keywords updated and captivating enough to keep traffic coming back for more. 

The consultants at Cut Throat Marketing understand you started your business because you had a passion. You didn’t start your business to spend hours online trying to figure out SEO.  Our passion is being aggressive with the details. (hence the name "Cut Throat" Marketing!) Striving to perfect the changes in SEO and website structure, we spend hours perfecting your online presence. Our goal is to help small businesses survive in a world full of giants. Your business isn’t a joke, your marketing shouldn’t be either.

Meet Cynthia

Owner and Founder of Cut Throat Marketing

Cut Throat Marketing is the result of my passion for details, technology and small ventures. Growing up my mother, a psychologist, worked for nonprofits. My mother’s company always needed help and she would volunteer my sister and I for anything we could do and not get in trouble. In my teenage years, my mother would call on me to help with fundraising events for her nonprofits, usually social services based and always in dire need of funding. As is common for many business, for-profit and non-profit alike, marketing was underfunded so my mother would ask me to design the flyer or help with creating a “tag line” to sell more tickets. Free labor for her, but an excellent opportunity for me to learn the difference between marketing and sales.

Picture of Cynthia Benson

"...It is an obsession of mine to use the tools technology provides."

Being born and raised in California, marketing was all around me every day and presented at every opportunity. It was a topic of conversation for my mother and I over the years, as I was always fascinated by the psychology behind marketing, how colors can stir emotion and how wording can affect one’s need. We also watched together as technology changed the business landscape, making it easier for bigger business to come in and acquire smaller businesses. I watched her loose her desire to help as bigger enterprises took over the social services contracts she worked and the quality of care declined.

As a child of technology, it is an obsession of mine to use the tools technology provides. This obsession followed me when I moved to beautiful Columbia, South Carolina.  Working with many small business in the area I found one scary fact, technology was making it hard for small businesses to stay open and compete in the global marketplace. That is why I started Cut Throat Marketing.  My goal is to use the tools technology provides to bring back small business as competition and to ensure nonprofits get the funding they need and reach out to those in need of their services.

Cut Throat Marketing is proud
to be a member of the Greater Irmo Chamber