Cynthia Giles – Partner/ CEO

Cynthia Giles was born and raised in Southern California, born to a family of small business owners and the daughter of a social worker. At a young age, she found a passion for helping others and could be found volunteering for organizations like the Special Olympics and was even an explorer for the local EMT company. As soon as she was legally able, Cynthia started working on her career and has been a rising star ever since, working for companies like State Farm and CSC. Following her developing career, she fell in love with her future husband Geoffrey, who introduced her to South Carolina. She moved to the Columbia area and never looked back.

Cynthia attended Midlands Technical College to study web development as a full stack developer (including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL, and .NET). It was here that she tied her technical skills in web development together with her marketing background to start Cut Throat Marketing.

Her experience in management, sales and web development have led to her leading the team at Cut Throat Marketing with a commitment to honesty and integrity. Throughout the years, she’s learned the value of attacking problems head-on. Her blunt assessment of clients’ needs can seem harsh, but she sees that as a requirement of the job. During a consultation with Cynthia, clients get brutally honest feedback on their marketing and advertising needs.

Cynthia Giles

Cynthia also serves the local Columbia, SC community. She is:

• Public Image Chair for The Columbia Rotary Club
• Diplomat for the Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce
• Member of the Board of Directors for the Greater Irmo Chamber
• Member of the Communication Committee for the Chestnut Hill Homeowners Association
• Non- Voting Commissioner for the Irmo Okra Strut
• Secretary of the River District Association Board

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