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Drone Photography in Columbia, SC

The newest form of photography and visual marketing is coming in the form of drone photography. Using a small drone device and an attached camera, Cut Throat photographers can get breathtaking shots of your home, factory, building or property.  

With our drone photography services, you can use amazing aerial footage on your website or on your social media channels. This kind of attention to detail gives your customers a sense of awe and shows that your business is on the cutting edge of presentation and marketing.  

Contact Cut Throat now to find out how we can provide beautiful drone photography and video services, or as part of a marketing package. 

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Drone Photography and Ariel Videography

Drones are small, controllable devices that can steadily float around a location to take photographs or video. We use drones to provide a “bird’s eye” view of… well, nearly anything.  Drone’s aren’t just like a toy helicopter, though. Drone pilots are certified by the FAA to operate in public airspace. Cut Throat operators are licensed by the FAA to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) so we know exactly how to make them work. More importantly, we take the time to understand what your business is, and what the best use of the device, and your time, are. We’ll work with you to outline objectives, develop strategies, and pull together amazing images that are going to wow your customers. 

Construction Aerial Photography

Planners and property managers seeking to look at a large construction project with a “big picture” image in mind, the use our drone capabilities to take to the skies and photograph or video your property or job site. We can give you high-resolution video or images of your site that you can use in presentations, web sites, or other media. 

Real Estate Aerial Imagery

What’s better than having great photographs of a house? Having moving, breathing videos that show a house from top to bottom. These movies can show a potential buyer exactly what they get and show them that you and your real estate business are on the cutting-edge of marketing and sales.  

Embed full-featured photos, three hundred and sixty-degree movies, and more to entice buyers and build your reputation as the leading realtor in your area. 

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Cut Throat Marketing: Drone Photography is the Future

Cut Throat Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company that now offers drone photography services. That we can offer the photography and video services you need, and package them in a marketing plan that we handle from start to finish. Call us today and find out how we can offer you the latest and greatest in multimedia marketing online, all in one place.  

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