Geoffrey Giles

Geoffrey Giles started his career as an IT Management expert in cloud computing, data backup, and data security. Prior to his work with Cut Throat Marketing, he managed that day-to-day operations and strategic planning for a data center for Georgetown County, including the development of the county’s CJIS compliance. He also led efforts to migrate over 1,500 phone and email accounts to cloud-based servers for the city of Orangeburg, SC, and served as an IT consultant for Fort Mill, SC. All told, Geoff has worked on IT projects panning thousands of personnel and operating with annual budgets of over $5 million a year.   

In 2018, Geoff stepped away from his career in IT Management to join his wife, Cynthia, at Cut Throat Marketing.  Alongside Cynthia’s skills in marketing and web design, Geoff brought the expertise necessary to develop the technologies and infrastructure that has helped the business grow. They have both worked hand in hand to develop the key market analytics and the strategic workflows Cut Throat Marketing uses to ensure their customers get the maximum return on their marketing investment.

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