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Threw money at a pay per click advertising company and never saw a return on your investment? Tried your hand at creating search ads on Google or Bing yourself, but just got frustrated and quit? Your business needs to reach new customers to grow, but you’ll never get there by throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks. Instead, you need a team that can run your pay per click management for you and optimize each campaign with a holistic, data-driven strategy for success. It’s time to get Cut Throat.

Ads can be a major boost to sales. Find out if online advertising makes sense for your business today.

Our Honest Approach to Pay Per Click Advertising

The fact of the matter is this: pay per click advertising requires tracking, data, and optimization for the highest possible ad performance. Thankfully, we have the ability to set up AdWords management on Google, Bing, and any other major platform, and the tools and knowledge needed to get you the most for your money. At Cut Throat, we track all of your ads and their performance data, in order to continually (and consistently) optimize every campaign for the greatest possible reach and ROI. You can always trust Cut Throat to give you the full picture and provide the full range of PPC marketing campaigns, including:

  • Search advertising
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Display ads
  • Google Map Pack Ads
  • The Google Guarantee Badge on Google My Business

Street Smart PPC Management Services

At Cut Throat, we will never lie to you or fudge the numbers to make your results look better than they really are. In fact, we take it even further, by putting a ton of effort into educating you — our client. We want you to understand exactly what’s happening and the possible outcomes for your PPC campaigns. This makes for better overall digital strategy and specific advertising campaigns. It also increases your level of awareness for your own marketing efforts, increasing your ability to make solid marketing decisions both now and into the future:

  • No sugar-coating or vanity numbers that don’t tell the whole story
  • You’ll always get the full picture, so you always understand your campaigns
  • If something doesn’t work, we adjust it until it does (better reach, higher ROI)
  • We show you what we’re doing every step of the way

Data Driven Decision Making

Our main goal is to provide your business with actual, real-world value with any pay per click campaigns we manage. With that in mind, we create a strategy that is always custom-built, based on data, and client-focused, from start to finish:

  • Advertising objectives that match your company’s goals
  • Specific, measurable, timely, and realistic outcomes
  • Real-time data on areas of growth or opportunities
  • PPC optimization for higher conversion rate with lower ad spend
  • Platforms: Google ads and Bing ads, and all other major platforms
Are your Google display ads working?

Answers to Your Questions

My last company told me that I should invest in SEO instead of PPC. They said it’s a waste of money once you get to the top of Google.

Your last company was wrong about being able to get you to rank in the first place; we’re assuming it’s why you’re on our website to begin with. Some of our most successful clients rank high on search engines, and continue to run PPC ads at the same time. The fact of the matter is that the people that click on ads are a different audience than the people that click on organic results. They (generally) tend to be older, less tech savvy, and more affluent. They also tend to convert at a higher rate. To be clear, PPC is about hitting a different audience than SEO. To run an effective multi-faceted digital marketing strategy, you should do both — and to execute them at a very high level.

How do I choose a PPC Agency?

Basically, you want to know if you’re getting f*cked by your digital marketing agency. Read our article on that here. 

How is the cost of a click on my ad determined?

Your cost per click (CPC) is just the total cost of your campaign divided by the number of clicks that campaign gets. The actual cost that Google or Bing charges you for each individual click depends on a number of factors: your max ad bid, your competitor’s AdRank, and your own quality score. CPC advertising is basically an auction. The ad slot will always go to the highest bidder for a particular keyword, with an ad quality score adjusting the final cost of the click based on ad relevance, keywords, and website quality, among other factors.

I’ve used pay per click advertising in the past, and had little/no success. What makes you think you can make my PPC campaign successful?

When they’re run correctly, PPC campaigns are just a math equation. We figure out your budget, the average cost per click (CPC), the average conversion rate, and how many clicks it takes to generate a lead or sale. This allows us to deliver precise results that show (and tell) you exactly how much you’re paying per order/lead. We know this because we do it every day. Our results speak for themselves

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Your business needs to run ads online to grow. But PPC is a math problem that needs diligence and consistent optimization to run successfully. Get personalized PPC management services from a team with a real track record for success. Call or email us today to find out if our PPC services are right for you.