Get More Reviews With Less Work By Using Reputation Management Software

Manually requesting and responding to reviews is time consuming and often ineffective. Instead, use a software solution to automate your review request process, saving time and increasing customer engagement.

Customers Trust Companies With More Reviews

Testimonials on review sites are the lifeblood of small businesses; 92% of new customers check a business’s reviews and 87% won’t even consider working with a company with a bad rating! This makes it absolutely essential to get your happy customers writing online reviews to establish your trustworthy reputation. Streamline review generation with our reputation management platform to get more reviews with less work!

Stop Worrying About Negative Reviews

Getting rid of negative reviews is difficult – often impossible. The easiest way to deal with them is drowning them in a sea of 5 star reviews. If you have thirty 5 star Google Reviews, a 1 star review will drop your star rating by just 0.1! Inevitably, every small business runs into an impossible to please customer; customer review management software makes sure that your happy customers have already voiced their opinions!

Rank Higher in Google Maps

Google’s algorithms were developed to make its results more useful – and Google knows that people trust businesses which have lots of reviews. This means that local businesses with more reviews get ranked higher on the search result pages! Instead of adding yet another line to your workflow’s to-do list, online review management solutions take care of the heavy lifting, automating your review request process and improving your online presence.

Websites that Load Quickly & Responsively

Who will benefit from an online reputation management solution?

All customer facing businesses will benefit from having more reviews. Put simply, your customer satisfaction is important, but it is essential that your potential customers know about these positive customer experiences in order for your business to grow. It is vital to get more reviews from your happy customers because unhappy customers are 10x more likely to leave a review! An online reputation solution makes your review request process automatic and easy.

How do reputation management tools work?

These tools connect directly to your customer relationship management system (CRM), extracting customer information from your databases without any need for tedious data entry. After a service, customers will receive a review invitation automatically, and positive reviews are responded to with pre-formatted templates. If a negative review is detected (either by star rating or sentiment analysis) owners are notified automatically so they can provide a review response.

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Bad reviews can be buried by continuously good service and good reviews

How can more reviews help my business?

No matter how good your customer service is, inevitably someone will give your company a bad review. You cannot count on being able to remove a bad review – often, no matter how hard you try, it will stay up for the world to see. With only a few reviews, one bad review can crater your company’s rating and send customers elsewhere. But, simply by having more reviews you will lessen the impact of any single review – giving you the ability to just laugh it off and move on.

How does review management help your customers?

Review management software helps your customers in a few ways. First, it helps them find your business! Second, it makes it easy for them to provide feedback about their experience, allowing you to provide superior customer support. Third, it boosts customer engagement, making it easier for your customers to both feel heard and like they are contributing to your business’s continued success.

Rytec Dashboard showing in detail how the website is doing

*For negative reviews we’ll work with you to ensure the messaging fits the circumstances

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*For negative reviews we’ll work with you to ensure the messaging fits the circumstances