Create the Brand that Sells with Cut Throat Marketing

Let’s face some facts: no matter how great your business is or how killer your online marketing campaign works, none of it matters if your brand looks like amateur hour.

You can get a logo for free or cheap online, but will that grow with your company as you grow? Does your logo give the emotion necessary to complete the sell? Graphic design is a complex field, so Cut Throat Marketing has partnered with Big Eye Bird Creative, a partnership that helps you soar above the competition. Big Eyed Bird Creative is an established design firm that has worked with some of the biggest companies and non-profits in its home state of South Carolina and across the country. Working together, we will perform a sharp and honest assessment of your total, visual brand, from logo design to color layout and appearance.

If you are looking to get your brand up today with a new logo, then our partners at Big Eye Bird Creative. In fact, we only work with clients with established brands and brand assets. If you are looking for the whole package, then we’ll refer you to our partners to get you set up.

We don’t do that light: Big Eye Bird Designs has worked with numerous businesses and non-profits in the South Carolina area. These include:

Professional Brands and Coherent Design

When you look at your logo do you feel it represents what you want? Big Eyed Bird Creative and Cut-Throat Marketing can help you re-brand, making you look professional and giving you a coherent design. From color psychology to finding the perfect font, we can work together to help you grab the attention you need on print and online.

Don’t have a logo and starting from scratch? This amazing partnership can help you there too! Big Eye Bird Creative has the skills necessary to give you the best branding experience.

Big Eyed Bird Creative

Big Eye Bird Designs has worked with numerous businesses and non-profits in the South Carolina area. These include:


  1. Preservation South Carolina
  2. Stenora Logistics
  3. Pawleys Front Porch
  4. The Owens Agency
  5. Rosewood Art & Music Festival
  6. Early Learning Partnership of York County
  7. Energy Freedom Advocates
  8. The Okra Strut
  9. Richland One Montessori Schools

Color Psychology and Design Promotes Sales

Studies show that colors, and color palettes, influence human emotions. More importantly, an effective color palette can help convey emotions for your brand. Knowing this, we at Cut Throat Marketing don’t just work with content, we work with presentation. We’ll design your website and marketing materials in a way that incorporates these visceral and powerful methods of persuasion to help communicate your branding vision across multiple levels of influence.