Automated Customer Review Management

What if you could cover the Internet with five-star reviews from your happiest customers — without making it your full-time job? Your online reputation is everything, now.  Customers won’t pick up the phone without good reviews from real people — and one bad review could cost you their business. Managing reviews takes forever! First, you have to ask right away. Then you have to make sure that is easy for the customer to leave the review, like you control Google or Facebook!  Then you must respond to the review so the content helps your search results. People know the control a negative comment can have, which is why we will all go leave a bad review, all day long. But do you have the time to track down your happiest customers, asking them to leave a review where it will make the most impact for you?

How Can You Get More Online Reviews Automatically?

Our Customer Review Management System Does It For You

You don’t need to hang out on social media all day, shilling for reviews. You need a hands-off review management tool that automatically:

  • Identifies which customers will leave good reviews.
  • Contacts them and collects their feedback.
  • Puts those five-star reviews out there for everyone to see.

Problem solved! Our customer review management platform integrates with the CRM in your office, contacts your happiest customers, and helps them leave positive online reviews — without you doing a thing.

How We Get More Local Business Reviews

Cut Throat Marketing offers the only customer review management service designed for local businesses like yours, with custom-coded CRM integrations that automate most of the work.  We connect your CRM to our customer review management. Our software development team can integrate powerful review management features into any major CRM platform — and build custom solutions for nearly anything else. We monitor all major local business marketing platforms. Use a customized dashboard to check your standings on all the biggest local business review services at once, or let us notify you when there’s something worth paying attention to.  We get your happiest customers to leave more reviews. Our system is programmed to recognize which customers are most likely to leave a positive review and make it as easy for them as possible.  We publish those positive reviews all over the Internet. When your customers get online, they’ll see glowing reviews all over Google, Facebook, Houzz, Yahoo, and all the major local business platforms.

You Look Amazing Online (and Get More Online Business).

With more positive online reviews, you rank higher on search engines and social networks and more customers trust you with their business. Online reviews are the equivalent of verbal referrals, which is why search algorithms make them an important authority signal everywhere and Google is no exception. Where your business ranks in search results is strongly correlated with the quality of your Google reviews. On the human side, good reviews from real people boost click-through rate (CTR) and on-site engagement metrics. People are more likely to click on a link recommended by others in their community, and they are more likely to convert if they arrive at your site with those positive recommendations in mind. Review automation isn’t paying for leads, it’s building loyalty.  Are you ready to be Cut Throat with your online reputation?  

Online Reputation Management Automated Reviews

Answers to Your Questions

Can I buy positive reviews on Google or Facebook?

Sure! We’re not going to sell you any, though, because we’re not spammers.
Digital marketing isn’t magical free money, even if a well-tuned PPC campaign does feel a little like cheating. You still need strong business fundamentals to succeed. That can’t be faked, at least not well or for long.

How can I get more Facebook and Google reviews?

Any strategy for getting more customer reviews involves three elements:

  1. Selecting customers who will give the best reviews.
  2. Making it as easy as possible for people to give feedback.
  3. Sharing and monitoring your reviews on your most valuable platforms.

We think the best way to do that is by connecting your customer records system to a review management platform. That way, you can automatically target the kinds of people most likely to leave positive feedback, walk them through leaving a review, and respond or share their comments wherever you like.

What’s the difference between Facebook reviews and Facebook recommendations?

For the most part, it’s really just a different name. Facebook switched over to recommendations a few years ago, replacing the five-star review system with a simple question: would you recommend this business to a friend? The ratio of “yes” to “no” answers is displayed as the number of customers out of five who had a good experience. Customers can expand their recommendation with pre-generated tags (like “friendly staff”), pics, or comments.

How do I send a Google review link to my customers?

You can do manually. Just go grab your place Id here, then add it to this url “” and send to everyone via email or add to your email signature.

Or if you don ‘t have time for all that, you can call us! We can help set up automated outreach to pass your customers a review link via email or a text message.

Which CRMs can Cut Throat work with? Is my system compatible?

Our review management tools integrate natively with these popular local business CRMs, but can easily interface almost any commercially available CRM — over 350 as of today! Some popular ones we get asked about most include:

FieldEdge, Jobber, Housecall Pro, ServiceM8, RepairShop, FieldPulse, SimPro, Acculynx, Breezeworks, FieldLocate, JobNimbus and RazorSync. 

If you use a nonstandard or custom CRM, contact us about developing a custom review management integration for you.

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