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In 2017, Cynthia Giles was a web design student on a mission to improve small business web development and digital marketing. While still in school, she started Cut Throat Marketing as a local enterprise, and it soon grew into a full-service digital marketing agency. After a wildly successful debut year, Cut Throat was recognized as the “Best New Business for 2017” by the Greater Irmo Chamber Gala Awards. Since then, the team has grown from one passionate leader to an entire team of strong, talented, and creative individuals who share Cynthia’s love for doing great work online. This includes her business partner, best friend, and husband: Geoffrey Giles. Their no nonsense approach has turned a local side hustle into one of Google’s most promising SEO marketing firms in 2020. Call or email Cynthia or Geoffrey today to find out why, and to discover what they can do for your business.

Cynthia Giles

Chief (Executive)

Cynthia has a passion for helping people discover how the web, digital marketing, and technology can play to their advantage in business. From consulting to one-on-one training, Cynthia has a knack for explaining the details in simple terms that are easy to follow, with direct, actionable advice for growth. Outside of being Cut Throat’s CEO, Cynthia has her hands full with various other distinguished positions. She is the Secretary for the Board of Directors for the Irmo Chamber of Commerce. A proud Rotarian with the Columbia Rotary Club, she’s the Public Image Chair, a Board Member, and Founder of the Literacy Committee.  In addition to providing marketing training and resources to local agencies like the Small Business Administration (SBA), FastTrack, and private networking groups, she will occasionally host a tie-dye class at her partner business Splurge in Columbia, SC. She doesn’t mind laundry, often times watching a documentary while she folds away, enjoying the smell of clean clothes. 

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Geoffrey Giles

Chief (Operations)

Geoffrey Giles started his career as an IT Management expert in cloud computing, data backup, and data security. He likes functions, analytics, and data.  As the go-to-guy behind the scenes, he does most of the research and strategizing for our clients. He also has a tendency to not say much and use words no one understands—consider yourselves warned. He doesn’t really like any chores, but prefers to hang up almost everything so he doesn’t have to iron as often. In his free time he loves taking his dogs hiking with Cynthia on the trails around North and South Carolina.  You can also find him playing strategy games or FPS in front of his massive ultra wide. 

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Tayla Cameron

Office Manager

Tayla is a people person. She helps people plan, cares deeply about people, loves talking to people (maybe too much), and empowers people to get things done. She has spent the majority of her career in the customer service and management fields, gaining experience in areas such as office processes, public relations, and customer satisfaction. Tayla is the Office Manager at Cut Throat Marketing. She loves engaging with the wide variety of people and industries, and constantly learning about digital marketing. While CTM is her primary job function by day, Tayla also enjoys traveling with her family, tasting and cooking all kinds of foods with her friends, rooting for the Syracuse Orange football team, and snuggling up with her dog. She also really hates putting away the laundry (honestly, we can all agree on that!).

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Britton Rennison

Web Development

In December of 2019, Britton made a decision: he didn’t want to keep doing roofing and industrial cleaning work. That’s when he started working at Cut Throat Marketing, learning from the ground up. Starting out at the complete beginning, he worked and trained under CTM’s CEO, Cynthia, to be the Web developer that he is today. As lead designer for Cut Throat, he is thrilled to have a job to express so much of his creativity. During his free time, Britton enjoys practicing different languages, enjoying music and playing video games. You can catch him playing Valheim, Divinity 2, For The King, @Luckie0888. He also really hates laundry.

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Jon Plato

SEO Manager

Jon’s passion is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one that he’s constantly chasing. He loves working at Cut Throat Marketing, where he can focus all of his time on the nitty-gritty aspects of increasing web traffic, advanced digital marketing, and long-term growth. To Jon, this is the stuff that dreams are made of! He was born in Dallas, Texas, loves watching professional wrestling, and never folds the laundry on the day that it’s washed (noticing a theme here?). When he’s not training his laser focus on SEO, he’s usually either gardening, weightlifting, gaming, or Larping. You can find him playing Fallout 76, Path of Exile, Far Cry 5, and World War Z. He also invites you to join him on Epic @jonny_neutron.

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Lauren Sherr

Creative Director 

Lauren, a long-time Irmo native and mother of three, joined Cut Throat Marketing after 6 years as Theatre Manager of the Irmo Center for the Arts, where she was a one-woman force for artistry and dramatic production. Carpentry, lighting, design, marketing, ticketing, and customer service — she did it all, with the goal to create a space where everyone could create together. She also loves any chance she gets to go primitive camping with her rock star stay-at-home husband of 7 years, Allen. Lauren is honored to work for CTM, a company that brings her own values into the workplace. As Social Media Coordinator, she loves using her design skills to highlight the power behind small businesses. She especially loves getting to use the artistic skills she developed studying Theatre Design and Production at North Greenville University in order to help clients grow their amazing businesses while contributing to her local community. With all that going on, who has time for laundry?

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Neal Tucker


Neal has been writing for most of his life. He’s sold a screenplay to a studio in Hollywood, published fiction and poetry in national magazines, and currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Festival Review. Born in Alabama, Neal went to grad school at the University of South Carolina, and considers himself a lifelong Southerner at heart. He’s also a film producer at Story Bored, and a member of Sauce Box, a performance group in Los Angeles. Neal loves working with the amazing people at Cut Throat Marketing in his role as Copywriter. It gives him the opportunity to develop authentic brand narratives and conversion focused business copy across a wide range of industries. In his work with content creation and copywriting, he takes pride in crafting genuine, effective communication and original, researched, compelling copy that drives awareness and action for small business owners everywhere.

Neal Tucker Copywriter

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