Our Unique Process that Generates Leads, Sales, and Profits

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s no cookie cutter template to piece together your digital marketing strategy. Unlike most digital agencies out there, our priority is to deliver leads, sales, and profits from the start, and focus on providing a return on your investment. Here’s what you can look forward to when you partner with Cut Throat Marketing.

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Stage 1: Discovery

Without clear and updated data on your company’s objectives and goals, it’s impossible to know how (or if!) your marketing plan is working, or how to optimize it to improve performance. Data is at the heart of any good digital marketing plan. That’s why Cut Throat sets up easy to understand dashboards with your marketing data, goals tracking, and clear analytics. Now, whenever you have a question about your marketing strategy or where your money is going, all you have to do is check your own personalized dashboard, which comes with:

  • Insight into the specifics of your marketing plan
  • Customization based on your company’s goals
  • Continual measurement via Google Analytics and Google Data Studio
  • Timely optimization suggestions as necessary to ensure continual growth
  • Ability to make adjustments in strategy for higher ROI and lower ad spend

While our SEO team is setting up your data tracking and getting into your Google Analytics account, we ask you and your team to join us for an onboarding meeting. This in depth question session allows our team to perfect not only your branding, but ensure we do not sell services or products you do not want us too!


Stage 2: Design & Strategy

With all of this data in hand, it’s time to start building a digital marketing strategy that will make your company the talk of the town. Various methods are used to focus on the objective goals, which can include:

  • A rebuild or rewrite of your website
  • Adding additional pages to your site or blog
  • Align social media platforms with your site for consistent brand messaging
  • Determining what can be implemented immediately
  • Planning what can be implemented in the long term

Our data-driven process includes developing measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track the numbers directly relating to your marketing goals. Once we know what to track, we enhance your easy-to-use, user friendly dashboard, so you can monitor your entire campaign in one place.

Stage 3: Implementation

At the heart of each digital marketing strategy are the numbers and data gathered to date. Regular audits take place to determine what’s working, how well it’s performing, or if adjustments need to take place. Your custom dashboard keeps you updated with results from regular:

  • Technical site audits
  • Keyword and SEO audits
  • Full strategy audits

Continuous assessments of the strategy in place allow us to make necessary changes before any time, or money is wasted. Predictable, scaleable, and continued growth help you achieve your marketing goals, so regular analysis of market trends is performed to keep you one step ahead of your competitors. Paying strict attention to analytics and customer feedback determines if your strategy should include:

  • Content updates
  • User experience tweaks on your website
  • Rebuild of social media platforms
  • Google Ad campaigns
  • Google My Business updates

Monthly meetings that keep you informed of all updates are essential to ensure everyone is on the same page, and the campaign is going as planned. Annual reviews then take place for an overall in-depth analysis of your digital marketing plan, to strategize for the long-term, and to determine which new goals and milestones should be achieved.

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Your New Marketing Partners 

Meet your new digital marketing team! A whole team of experts that want to see your business succeed. 

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Cynthia Giles

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Geoffrey Giles

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