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The Client

Carolina Comfort is a HVAC company offering commercial and residential services across South Carolina. They had been working with a national marketing company with dozens of existing HVAC clients which had seemed interested and engaged – right up until the contract was signed. Afterwards CC’s inquiries were met with weeks of silence, the monthly ‘reporting’ email unhelpfully informed them that everything was great, and they were paying too much for leads which was costing them money.

The Plan


Carolina Comfort approached us, asking for a way to improve their digital marketing. We determined that their marketing contractor’s one-size-fits all approach to HVAC companies was doing Carolina Comfort a huge disservice. Their website was essentially identical to dozens of other companies, save for place names and contact information. Even the same poorly written copy was shared across the sites – convincing Google that CC’s site was junk and unfortunately their would-be customers agreed.


Our technical SEO analysis found myriad problems, ranging from poor internal linking to every blog post being entitled “Blog.” Even worse, we found that the site was badly set up for customer navigation too!


A complete overhaul was in order and we worked with CC to determine historical performance, and then set transparent goal tracking systems to measure our progress.

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The Execution


Based on our initial assessments we determined that CC’s website had been shoddily constructed and it was best to scrap it in its entirety and start anew. We moved the site to a new host, redevelopeding it with customer usability and SEO in mind from the ground up.


In order to target CC’s customers, we created customer profiles and conducted regionally specific keyword research to determine what content was appropriate for their local market.


We implemented the changes indicated by our SEO audit, rewrote all of their existing marketing content, and improved the site’s usability through improved navigation and internal linking.


Before our changes, CC’s blog included content that was connected to HVAC, yet managed to convince their customers that Carolina Comfort was not speaking to them. Articles like ‘How to Winterize your Basement’ were removed and replaced with content that spoke to the local market and directly addressed their customer’s primary concerns.

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The Results

Carolina Comfort saw 242% more unique visits to their site and their cost per lead fell by more than 50% due to increased conversion rates

These increased visits led to a 320% increase in lead generation.

Customers reached Carolina Comfort’s sales team better informed and more prepared to convert

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Carolina Comfort was promised a competitive site by a national marketing company but was let down by poor customer service and a badly fitting one-size-fits all design. Don’t let your website hold you back – let us create a marketing plan that fits your company. Schedule your free discussion with one of our digital marketing consultants today, and take the first step towards a better way to do marketing.