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The Client

Rytec Electric is a residential and commercial service electrician owned by Steven Scheeler. They were spending over $2000 a month on their SEO retainer. He was ranking well, and his agency was showing reports that said he should be doing well. He didn’t seem to be getting as many leads from the website as it sounded like he should be getting.

The Plan


We started off with a deep dive into what his current SEO company was doing. We set up conversion tracking on the site, and reconfigured Google Analytics so we could see how many leads were actually being generated in real time. We took a look at where traffic was coming from, how long it was staying on his website, and discovered something interesting.


The website was built for SEO, and not for humans. It was difficult to navigate, keyword stuffed to the point some of the content didn’t make sense, and there was no clear path to actually request an appointment from Rytec.


Steven wanted to make sure that they ranked at the top of Google Maps when someone ran searches for “electrician” in his local market.

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The Execution


When we took a look at the metrics from Google Analytics the first thing we noticed was that most of the traffic to the site was coming from out of the country. The previous agency was buying traffic that was sitting on the website, making it look like people were staying on the page for a long time. In reality, they were covering up that most of the real traffic to the site didn’t know what they did, or how to take the next step.


We rebuilt Rytec’s website. First generating a list of all the services we determined there was search volume for, and worked with Steven to narrow down the services he wanted to perform most. We designed a site that was easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile, loaded fast, clearly communicated why someone should choose to work with Rytec, and answered the frequently asked questions that the front desk hears from prospective customers. When we launched Rytec’s new website, it instantly started producing more leads than they’d seen before.


We worked on generating as many reviews as possible, getting pictures of work completed across town, and creating a solid Google My Business page. Rytec currently ranks #1 on Google Maps across their service area, and generated over 1000 phone calls from their Google My Business listing in 2020.

Rytec Electric case study

The Results


increase in organic traffic


leads from GMB generated

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