Rytec Electric Case Study

Rytec Electric got in touch with us when they noticed that something wasn’t adding up with their digital marketing efforts. They were ranking pretty well and seemed to be getting consistent traffic to their website, but their lead generation and revenue didn’t seem to reflect that. Their marketing firm insisted that things were good, but just in case, they decided to get a second opinion.

Geoffrey dug and found a lot of fake traffic!! 

The Numbers Didn’t Add Up

Digital Content Marketing Strategy by Cut Throat

Rytec was paying for a service that seemed to drive visitors to their site, but they weren’t getting any new leads, phone calls, or paying clients:

  • Traffic was being generated with bots or “click farms”
  • Nobody would pick up the phone to answer questions
  • Their “reports” just showed their own fake traffic!

This marketing company wasn’t doing any real work, so of course they wouldn’t respond when anyone tried to get answers to their questions or updates on their progress. As a result, Rytec Electric was spinning its wheels with nowhere to go.

That’s when they decided to get Cut Throat.

Performance Analysis

Our first step is always to develop transparent reporting structures that track and segment conversions by value. This helps establish early benchmarks and set expectations for improvement. With our systems in place, the fraudulent activity was immediately obvious.  A public, anonymous proxy based overseas was sending dozens of “visitors” to Rytec’s site every day. These fake visitors — either an automated script or developing-world labor — would search for important terms, click through to the site, and simulate an engaged visitor for a few minutes before leaving. No one was picking up the phone, of course, but the scam artists were able to point to “real data” that showed more traffic, more pages per visit, longer time on site… Glowing improvements in every way. That can’t happen again. The performance tracking systems we put in place give Rytec the ability to track performance and return on investment in real time.

Kay Plumbing Organic Search Results from 2015 to 2020


Built customized filters that screened out fake traffic.
Implemented transparent performance tracking and regular update meetings.
Worked with client to develop benchmarks for improvement.


Rytec management discovered that around half of their traffic was faked to falsify glowing progress reports.
Rytec can set marketing priorities based on current conditions and track their return on investment.
Rytec is the highest ranking local business for its most profitable keywords, with greatly increased search and Google My Business Traffic.

Marketing Strategy

“Everyone else is doing it” is never a good reason for anything. We have a strict standard in place for new ventures: if we aren’t as certain as business allows that our strategies and tools will be a profitable investment for the client, we turn down the project.  Rytec was a slam dunk. The main sources of online leads in their service area weren’t tightly held, competitors were slow to adopt digital marketing best practices, and the average order value for their services was high enough to support online marketing without impacting profits. Once all partners agreed on viability, we shook hands with Rytec management and got to work. (Ironically, it would have been less effort to genuinely help Rytec dominate their local business listings than generate all that fraudulent traffic and reporting.)

Kay Plumbing's SEO Site audit


Rebuilt online marketing funnel to convert high-intent customers.
Created a profile-centered marketing strategy that centered customer concerns and guided investment.
Conducted competitive research to find growth opportunities.


Site visitors are converting to leads at 8%.
Rytec knows which marketing profiles, search terms, and FAQs are associated with their highest-paying customers.
Deployed tactics specifically to counter and displace competitors in the region.

Web Design & Development

Rytec’s site was not performing well, even with the real people who found it. There was no logical or persuasive structure to its content, it was pretty slow to load, and finding what you wanted to know was sometimes pretty difficult. We’ve been studying small business websites in different industries for some time, consulting heat maps and analytics to find out how customers interact with a site before converting or going elsewhere. Combined with a full technical audit of Rytec’s site, this experience helped us quickly develop and implement a more effective design. These usability and technical improvements paid off almost immediately.

Rytec Electric is the best in the midlands


Rewrote and optimized all marketing content on-site.
Improved site usability with logical navigation and internal structure.
Implemented SEO compliance audit findings.


Site now brings in more search traffic and converts leads at a higher rate.
Leads reach sales staff already having research and addressed some relevant pain points.
Site ranks better, loads faster, and is more accessible to search engines.

Search Engine Optimization & Link Building

Rytec’s previous contractors weren’t targeting the right platforms to bring in online leads. They used low-value or regionally-inappropriate keywords, brought in relatively little traffic, and generated no measurable value. Search engines buried them pages deep for the most profitable queries. Our SEO efforts needed to accomplish three things: bring the site into compliance with modern best practices, target its marketing content at profitable topics and search terms, and begin generating external links to help Rytec recover from their previous contractors. Once we retargeted Rytec’s site and made it more accessible to search engines, traffic started rolling in.


Built KW universe and focused on KWs with buying intent
Designed content strategy around most profitable industry keywords.
Implemented guest posting strategy to place Rytec content on relevant websites.


An easily-segmented tool for identifying content opportunities and ranking performance.
Cost per Acquisition is lower and ad spending more efficient.
Gathering domain authority and a reputation with three guest posts per month.

Final Results

Today, Rytec Electric management can tell you in real time how much traffic their site is getting, how many of those visitors become leads, and what their cost per acquisition is. They can track every dollar of their marketing spend and know exactly what’s being done in support of their goals. Real professionals don’t fear this level of transparency, they embrace it. These systems make our jobs a lot easier, too, by keeping all stakeholders in a project up to date and ready to make informed decisions. Informed decisions pay off. Today, Rytec has expanded its workforce and entered new territories, even during a period of significant economic disruption for their target demographics.

  • Conversion rates above industry average.
  • Fully transparent and accountable marketing systems.
  • Lead generation that fuels reliable growth.

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