Search Engine Marketing

Search Engines and Paid Marketing Services

Cut Throat Marketing loves organic search marketing. But we also know the huge potential that comes with strategic and persuasive search engine marketing. With this kind of advertising, you can get your site in front of an audience based on search terms and guarantee a top ranking on Google AdWords or Bing Ads. And since most customers click on sites on the first page of search results, this can be a huge boost over the competition. Cut Throat Marketing can coordinate a pay per click advertising campaign with a strong SEO organic marketing push to provide the best of both worlds. And, we can help your business pick up customers on social media with Facebook Ads. In either case, we are here to make sure that your business gets in front of your clients, and that your website converts potential customers into sales.

AdWords and Bing Ad Campaigns

Once you step into the world of pay per click online marketing, you are stepping into a competitive arena geared towards drawing in serious business. Pad online marketing focuses on pulling in customers and convincing them to call or contact you. That means that we will create keyword-targeting ads through Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads to get your site in front of those customers. We’ll help coordinate the paid advertising campaign over time so that you get the best bang for your buck. We manage ad campaigns based on the volume of incoming traffic enabled by our ads, and the number of customers that decide to go with your business.

Landing Pages and Conversion-Oriented Marketing

Building an advertising campaign is only half the battle. We’ll also design and build landing pages linked to specific campaigns, products and services. Landing pages are single pages made for one purpose: to get a customer to call, click, or sign up. Much more similar to direct marketing copywriting than webpages or blogs, a good landing page measures success on customers gained, rather than just traffic. The experienced design and content team at Cut Throat Marketing will work with your company to deploy ad campaigns with landing pages that grab customers. We aren’t happy until we are driving business your way.