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Online marketing is a competition, and all your competitors are going after the most popular searches that your customers use on Google every single day. To stay in the fight, you need to be put out content that represents your brand while showing up on the top page of Google search results.  

Easier said than done. With new algorithms, keywords, and shopping behaviors, tracking your potential customers is a full-time job. That’s why you need Cut Throat Marketing. 

Here at Cut Throat, content is king. And we make it work for you.

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What is Organic Search?

Cut Throat Marketing loves organic search marketing.

Unlike paid advertising, organic search doesn’t require any money per click. Instead, building an organic search strategy means that, over time, your site will show up higher in search engine results because it is properly targeted for people searching for your products or services.

What does this mean for you? It means that once you make your initial investment, and once we enact our strategy, then the results will come to you… and keep coming… and keep coming. The returns on proper organic search optimization are huge over time. 

We help you grow organic traffic so that you keep getting business, month after month. 

Advanced SEO Strategy

We have dedicated web designers and content creators who do nothing but figure out how to get your website in front of your target audience. Whether that means assessing your keywords, reformatting your page, or building an entirely new content strategy linked to a blog and social media, we can put an advanced SEO strategy into practice immediately. 

We offer a free website audit to determine where you are at in terms of SEO. Then, as a part of our proposal, we will offer a select set of services that will increase your visibility on Google without sacrificing quality or your core message. 

White Hat SEO

There are some companies that cut corners to try and game the Google search structure. What these companies don’t tell you is that once Google finds out, they have, and will, pull the plug. And when they do, all your SEO gains are lost.  

We use only legitimate methods of SEO based on research, expertise, and an understanding of how Google works. We don’t cut corners. We don’t look for the easy way. We enact killer strategies that work in the long term, that get your website noticed, and that gets your phone ringing. And we do so while following organic SEO best practices. That means we work with 

  • Keyword targeting and content strategy. 
  • Backlinking strategies. 
  • Increasing domain authority. 
  • Proper site coding and structure. 

And more. 

Online Reputation Management 

Not only does Cut Throat Marketing work with your brand to develop organic search results, but we also make sure that what ends up in front of searchers is positive. Negative reviews, badly-sourced images or media, or underdeveloped social media accounts can all turn customers off before they even have a chance to check out your services.  

With Cut Throat, you can get expert reputation management strategy and works across review sites, social media, and your own website. We manage online branding, so you have a consistent, positive, and useful brand message across multiple media channels. We also work with Google Map Pack so that when customers search for local businesses, they see your company, your contact information, and positive reviews. 

What About Paid Search? 


Sometimes, you want results right now. That’s where Google Paid Search comes in. With paid search campaigns, we can set up a marketing effort that places search advertisements right at the top of Google results. You only pay if a customer clicks, but we develop campaigns that not only get customers to click but that converts them to paying customers once they do.  

We work on Google AdWords campaigns, we develop landing pages, and we link your PPC and SEO efforts to maximize returns while minimizing costs. 

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We know what we are doing, and we have an entire list of satisfied clients to prove it. If you want a website and content strategy that works for you, that brings in revenue, and that reflects your company message, values, and products, then call Cut Throat Marketing to find out how we can make it happen. 

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