Make Sure Search Engines Work For You

Content is king, and regular, high-quality content is even better. If you want a strong, passive form of referrals that brings customers to your front door, without the cost or hassle of paid advertising, then you need to invest in your content and SEO strategies.

Cut Throat Marketing won’t beat around the bush in terms of content: if it’s bad, we’ll tell you to get rid of it. And then we will provide a comprehensive content strategy that includes competitive keywords in your industry, productive headlines that link to common search phrases, and meta data that signals to Google and Bing what your page is all about.

But creating optimized content is not just about keywords and headlines. Search engines want to feature top-tier websites that users like. And, they’ve developed the technology to determine how to rank these sites. That’s why our on-staff content writer can help develop actual sales copy geared towards informing your customer base and pulling the in with persuasive writing.

In short, we’ll pull them in and then get them to stay.

Web Pages and Blogs: What is the Difference?

When we talk about content marketing, we don’t just mean on your main site. Your home page identifies your company: it has all the information you need to

Links and Authority for your Business

If you want your business to show up, your content has to show your customers that you are a leading expert in your field. To build authority in your industry, you need high-quality and information content that sells your business by selling your expertise. We don’t mess around when it comes to this kind of content. If it sucks, we’ll tell you. And we’ll replace it with something better. And once we’re done, we’ll connect it to the rest of the world through an advanced linking campaign that gets your website higher rankings of Google, so you can sell them your products.

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Cultivating a Professional, Productive Online Presence with SEO Content

Maybe even more importantly than the linking and the rankings, we provide the content that gets customers to buy from you. A garbage blog post isn’t going to get you that sale: it’s just going to convince potential customers that you aren’t the business they want to work with. But provide expert commentary with killer content that informs, entertains, and sells, and you can position yourself as the authority. We’re not going to mince words: if you aren’t planning on doing this, or if you think it is something that you can do in your spare time, you are wrong. We are trained in getting content out, up, and in front of people, and using it to sell your business. What more could you possibly want, at the end of the day?