Social media, the best way to show off your company!

Improve your brand’s visibility, engage with your customers, and increase traffic to your website with a social media strategy tailored to your industry and target audience.

Find out if social media is a good investment for your business today.

Connect with your target audience on their terms

Harnessing the power of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram provides a great way to engage with prospective customers. Combining organic content and social media ads allows you to connect with and grow your audience faster, and on a deeper level than traditional marketing methods. You’ll attract new customers and reach your client base on their own terms, showcase your services and special offers, and break down any barriers before initiating sales conversations.

Engage customers, generate leads, and boost website traffic with Cut Throat Marketing

Social media platforms are perfect for creating content that entertains and educates your customers. Nobody wants to be constantly bombarded with sales pitches, so it’s vital that your organic social media content resonates with your target audience. Our team can help you create the perfect balance between a cost-effective social media ad campaign and engaging content that your customers love to follow. We’ve got the skills, tools, and knowledge to optimize every campaign for the widest reach and highest return on your investment.

To help you make informed decisions about your digital marketing strategy, we’ll ensure you understand every aspect of your social media campaign. From ad performance data to tracking qualified leads and everything in between, you know you’re in the right hands as we’re the top ranked social media marketing agency in Columbia on

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Social media: Most cost-effective way to achieve your business goals online

Implementing a social media strategy is one of the cheapest ways to get your brand in front of your target audience. However, most business owners simply don’t have the time to continuously engage with customers, as well as run a company. That’s where Cut Throat Marketing comes in. Our team takes over your social media accounts to build up your followers and open a line of communication with your customers. Providing unique content designed to generate leads and turn your website visitors into lifelong clients. Schedule your free social media strategy consultation

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Answers to Your Questions

What is a social media management company?

Social media management companies take over the job of running your social media accounts on major social networks and platforms. Social media managers typically do some of the following: copywriting, publishing posts, scheduling content, graphic design and video editing, and even responding to your followers and mentions for brand awareness and engagement.

Can you create the images/graphics to go with my content?

Yes, we can. But quality original images from customers almost always tend to get the best engagement on social media.

Do you respond to comments, messages, and questions on behalf of your clients?

Yes, however if the question is specifically related to a product or service, we may reach out for additional clarification. We’re not experts in your business, and want to make sure we’re sending you the most qualified leads possible.

As a social media management company, do you publish my posts for me?

Yes, we publish your posts organically. We do it this way, because studies have shown that using auto-posting software decreases organic reach.

How will I know if what you are doing is affecting my business?

We have data analytics software that allows us to track your digital marketing efforts. This way, we can know when leads are arriving on your site and converting from social media, or from other channels. If social media drives traffic, qualified clients, and conversions, then the data will tell us that, and we’ll show you exactly how it works.

Cut Throat Marketing: Your Partners in Digital Marketing

Your small business needs a strong and genuine presence on social media. But it takes time to do well, and it can be easy to forget while you’re running your company. Get customized social media management services from a team that has a real, live track record for success on socials. Call or email us today to find out if our social media services for small business are right for you.