Talk to Customers in Their Own Language with Social Media Account Management

Sick of running around trying to chase the next biggest thing on social media? Tired of trying to run your business and your social media accounts — only to forget to post that perfect image at the perfect time? Your small business needs an active social media presence, but you can’t do that successfully and run your business at the same time. It’s time to hire a social media account management team with the right skill set and experience to give your company a leg up on the competition and reach your customer in their own language. It’s time to get Cut Throat social media account management.

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Get Honest, Get Cut Throat

To utilize Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms properly takes a lot of energy and the kind of active engagement that a small business owner simply does not have time for. That’s where we come in. We will get you fully set up on the relevant social platforms and run native text and media content that engages with your intended audience in their own language. At Cut Throat Marketing, we ensure that your copy and content is both original and unique to your industry. In this way, we can actually communicate with your followers and produce qualified leads as a result. Some common services we provide include:

  • Social media account setup and configuration
  • Social media for small business
  • Optimization of social network accounts
  • Management services that let you run your business

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Practical Social Media Account Management

It’s in the Cut Throat DNA to be, well, cut-throat. We will never give you sugar-coated data to impress you or show you irrelevant results that don’t lead to engagement and conversions. To show you how strongly we care about this, we actually go further and do the job of educating you as well — our client. It’s important that you understand everything that we’re doing on your behalf on social media and how it might play out over time. Not only does this improve your overall digital marketing efforts, but it specifically makes you a better small business owner, because you can make more informed decisions about your digital strategy every day:

  • No vanity numbers that give a fake or rosy picture
  • You’ll always get the whole story to understand your strategy
  • We focus on the likes/follows that get you more qualified leads/conversions
  • Explanations at every stage, so there are never any surprises

Follows, Likes…And Data

Social media is the perfect way to keep your prospective clients and customers informed about what’s happening with your business. When things get really busy, though, it’s also the first thing to go. When you hire Cut Throat Marketing to manage your social media accounts, you’ll never have to think twice about whether or not you remembered to post that picture to Instagram, Facebook, and all the rest:

  • Organic publishing of content relevant to your company
  • Graphic design and media that reflects your brand
  • Real-time data on social network stats and results
  • Continued optimization for more clients and customers
  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit

Ready to start attracting customers through social media the smart way? Get in touch with Cut Throat Marketing for data-based, results-driven social media management for small business.

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Answers to Your Questions

What is a social media management company?

Social media management companies take over the job of running your social media accounts on major social networks and platforms. Social media managers typically do some of the following: copywriting, publishing posts, scheduling content, graphic design and video editing, and even responding to your followers and mentions for brand awareness and engagement.

As a social media management company, do you publish my posts for me?

Yes, we publish your posts organically. We do it this way, because studies have shown that using auto-posting software decreases organic reach.

Can you create the images/graphics to go with my content?

Yes, we can. But quality original images from customers almost always tend to get the best engagement on social media.

Do you respond to comments, messages, and questions on behalf of your clients?

Yes, however if the question is specifically related to a product or service, we may reach out for additional clarification.

How will I know if what you are doing is affecting my business?

We have data analytics software that allows us to track your digital marketing efforts. This way, we can know when leads are arriving on your site and converting from social media, or from other channels. If social media drives traffic, qualified clients, and conversions, then the data will tell us that, and we’ll show you exactly how it works.

Get Cut Throat

Your small business needs a strong and genuine presence on social media. But it takes time to do well, and it can be easy to forget while you’re running your company. Get customized social media management services from a team that has a real, live track record for success on socials. Call or email us today to find out if our social media services for small business are right for you.