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Today’s consumers are more informed than ever before. To earn their attention, your website should answer questions about your products and services at the snap of a finger.

Prospective customers expect a great user experience when they visit your site, so you should allow them to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. You want them to trust you, and feel comfortable enough to give you their business.

One of the main reasons why people look for your service is because they have a problem that needs a solution, fast. Ensuring your site looks modern and professional, while still being easy-to-use and informative is the key to make them pick up the phone and call you. FAQ’s, instant chat, and online booking streamlines the process even further.

Featured Website Builds

All websites built and hosted by CTM come with the following:

Complete ownership of your website and domain

You’ll own all rights to your online presence, so if you ever hire an in-house marketing team, we’ll work with your staff to ensure a smooth transition.

A modern, responsive website

More than 50% of internet users use a phone or tablet to search online. That’s why your site is built to be fast, responsive, and look good on any device.

A 100% unique website

Seriously. You’ll probably get tired of us asking for more pictures, but if you want to put your best foot forward, we’ll make sure you shine.

Optimization for conversion

What good is a website that doesn’t turn visitors into customers? We’ll help you explain the value of your products or services, why you’re the best fit for the problem a prospective customer is having, and eliminate as many roadblocks to conversion as possible.

Fast Hosting

Nobody waits for a slow website to load anymore. They just hit the back button and move on to the next search result. It’s so important that Google uses page loading speed as a ranking factor in searches. Your website has the fastest hosting available to ensure your customers get the information they need.

Properly configured Google Analytics

Good data allows you to predict the future. That’s why your website analytics are configured to track the metrics most important to your business.

Free SSL certificate

I can’t believe we have to put this in here. Seriously, it’s 2022. They’re free. If there is a line item on your hosting invoice for an SSL certificate, it’s time to start shopping hosting providers.


Built-in SEO best practices

Google’s main goal is to deliver the most relevant and reliable information to searchers. Web design best practices are all about making the site as easy-to-read as possible for the robots, and creating the best user experience. Today, there’s considerable overlap between the best practices for both. That’s why you won’t pay any extra for something a good designer would do anyway.

Perfectly built forms and booking integrations

Have you ever missed an important email because it landed in your junk mail? Rest assured, when a prospective customer hits the send button on your website form, it’ll hit your inbox.

Integrated security features

Data protection is vital when it comes to your business. A more secure internet is better for everyone, so we include it in our hosting.


Whether you’re familiar or not with Content Management Systems, themes, plugins, PHPs, SQLs, and Linux, the one thing they have in common is the need for regular updates.  But don’t worry, it’s all included in your website to keep you online 24/7.

Why hire CTM to build your new website?

With CTM you’ll have a full team of marketing experts by your side. Each dedicated to creating a website that generates more traffic, and more importantly, more leads. There’s a lot of snake oil salesmen out there who promise the moon but deliver nothing. That’s why we don’t tell you how good we are, we show you.

We get results

Helping business owners like you grow their sales by close to $1 million in a year is just part of what we do every day.

See our results

3508% increase in organic traffic for Kay Plumbing

Our reputation precedes us

When it comes to the service industry (which we’re also in), reputation means everything. Our clients speak louder than we ever could when they say:

We’re proven industry experts

Honest, hard work always gets results. That’s why we’ve been recognized by multiple industry leaders for our work with small businesses.

Cut Throat Marketing CEO recognized as Women of Influence

Your business is our business

Customized marketing strategies are designed around your business goals and needs. It’s our job to become experts in your business, so you can focus on the rest.

custom marketing plans by cut throat marketing

We’re transparent

You’re never more than a phone call away from answers about your marketing efforts. Your personalized dashboards break down the numbers in an easy-to-understand way. More importantly, you’ll retain ownership of everything we work on, from your website to Google Ad accounts and everything in between.

clear honest marketing services founded in Irmo SC

Let’s talk about your
new website!

What we need from you:

  • 15-30 minutes of your time to discuss:
  • Your company
  • What goals you’d like to achieve in the next 6-12 months
  • What you’re already doing to achieve these goals
Cut Throat Marketing, let's work together

What you’ll get from us

  • 15-30 minute free consultation with our CEO
  • Honest review of your current marketing model
  • 2-3 actionable tips you can use to improve lead generation on your own
  • High level marketing strategy for either 6 or 12 months, along with a quote for the cost to execute the strategy (If both parties feel like we are a good fit)

You’ll probably see our ads on Facebook a couple of times a day for the next 4 weeks, but you’ll never wind up on our mailing list, receive unsolicited newsletters, or any kind of automated email sequences. Any correspondence from us will be directly related to your free consultation, and nothing more.