What Makes a Website Successful?

Your website should do more than just give customers your business’s information – it should actively attract new customers and push them towards conversion. The difference between an average website and a professional website is profound – you will get more traffic, more functionality, and a higher rate of customer conversions!

The Elements of Good Website Design

Loads Quickly & Responsively

Patience is a virtue that is not found in abundance online. After the first 2 seconds, a website will lose 5% of its traffic for each additional second of load time. Worse still, slow loading websites are punished by Google’s algorithms, which recognize that users prefer websites which load quickly. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for your website to load quickly and work seamlessly.

Ranks in Google Search

Your website’s position on Google’s search results corresponds directly to how much traffic it receives. A top ranked page receives 28% of the clicks, while the 10th ranked result gets less than 3 percent! From this, it is clear to see that ranking on the first page isn’t good enough and being on the second page is the same as not being seen at all. Your website needs to be in the top positions of the search results page to drive traffic.

Optimized for Human Thought

Decision making follows a predictable pattern. Your customers will arrive at your website and without consciously thinking about it, they will immediately begin to move through a sequence of thought to determine whether they want to buy from you. The most effective websites present the answers to the customer’s questions in a logical order, facilitating their journey from start to finish, boosting conversions and reducing churn.

Measures Results

The old adage of you can only fix what you can measure rings true with internet marketing. It is impossible to know which elements of your website are causing customers to drop out of the sales funnel without effective tracking. With a custom website you’ll be able to track the customer journey, see how changes to your digital marketing strategy are being received, and spot potential pitfalls before they have time to develop.

Website speed test. GT Metrix

Loads Quickly & Responsively

A website that loads slowly will have customers pressing the back button faster than you can say “please wait” and result in your website ranking lower on Google’s search results. That’s why we have tested all of the top hosting sites to see which offer the best performance. Additionally, all of our sites are built from scratch – templates are full of bloat which slows down your webpage – and use the bare minimum number of plugins to stay fast and nimble.

Human Friendly Website Development

We’re more than a website design company, we’re also South Carolina’s top marketing firm. All of the websites we build are designed to help make it easier for customers to say yes to your service. From thoughtfully constructed user interfaces to an orderly and easily understandable flow of thought on each page, your customers will find your online presence just as pleasant to work with as your salespeople.

Marketing built for ease and efficiency
Organic Traffic Dashboard.

SEO Included From the Ground Up

Even the best website in the entire world will perform poorly if it’s on the second page of Google’s search results. That is why our search engine optimization takes a multi-pronged approach to ensure that your website will rank at the top! From developing in depth keyword universes to using AI powered machine learning algorithms, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit towards getting your small business the exposure it deserves.

Track Your Successes with Custom Dashboards

Tracking your website’s performance is essential to understanding what strategies are working and which need to be changed. With our custom dashboards there is no need to be a Google Analytics expert, you’ll be able to see at a glance how your website is performing. Additionally, we use software which tracks calls placed via your website and Google My Business page and heat mapping tools to track and optimize your customers’ journey.

Rytec Dashboard showing in detail how the website is doing

Platforms Cut Throat Marketing Develops On

When you use our website design services you are getting a custom website. We don’t use pre-made templates – everything is designed specifically for your business and its unique needs. This results in a faster loading, better looking, easier to use website.


Instead of using templates or plugins which are full of unnecessary extras that slow your website down, we build custom WordPress sites from the ground up. Once your new website is live, we provide training on how to use it, along with optional ongoing content management services.


Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform and offers the robust customizations and features that a small business requires. We’ll get your online store up and running, train you and your staff on how to use the platform, and build custom templates to make adding future products a breeze.

Why Work With Cut Throat Marketing

Put simply, we are the best marketing company in South Carolina. We have a passion for education and self-improvement and are not content to rest on our laurels. When you work with us you are getting a marketing partner who will take the time to get to know your business and develop effective marketing strategies tailored to help you grow.


All marketing firms claim that they can help your business grow – but we have a proven track record of growing our clients’ businesses. We’ve seen our clients increase their web traffic by up to 3,835%, increase their leads generated by 320%, and seen annual revenue grow by $1,000,000.

We Have a Reputation for Success

You don’t have to take our word for it! See what our customers have to say about working with us.

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Award Winning Industry Experts

We were ranked the top SEO service company in South Carolina for 2022, have received accolades from CIO Reviews, Clutch.Co, The Columbia Business Report, and have been featured on the BBC’s Business Daily Podcast.

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What It Takes To Get Started

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  • What you’re already doing to achieve these goals
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What You’ll Get From The Consultation

  • A 15-30 minute free consultation with one of our marketing strategists
  • An honest assessment of your current marketing model
  • 2-3 actionable tips to improve your lead generation
  • High level marketing strategy to meet your 6-12 month goals
  • A quote for implementing these recommendations (if both parties feel this is a good fit)