Monitor Your Marketing Success in Real-Time! Custom Dashboards, Tracking, and More

With digital marketing there is no reason to wonder if your ad campaigns are working. Our customized dashboards show you in real-time how your website is converting and even how many calls you’ve received from your Google Business Profile.


When Marketing Works, the Results Are Easy to See

Marketing can feel like a black box. Money goes in, and hopefully, more money comes out. But oftentimes business owners are left wondering, was it really worth it? We take the uncertainty out of the equation with robust marketing analytics and reporting.

From monitoring your performance on Google to tracking calls from website visitors, you will be able to see where every digital lead is coming from!

Google Analytics & Search Console Configuration

Google is the undisputed king of search, and their analytics are an essential part of any online marketing push. From visitor behavior to organic search ranking, you will receive actionable data and be able to watch your business’s online presence grow!


Conversion & Call Tracking

Conversions are everyone’s favorite KPI. Traffic & SERP rankings are nice – but they don’t represent sales! With tracking numbers and online conversion tracking, you will be able to see where your leads are coming from and which sources are generating high quality leads!


Customized Dashboards

Disorganized data can be as bad as no data at all! However, with a custom online dashboard, you will be able to see at a glance how your campaigns are performing! Monitor your digital marketing KPIs including traffic, lead generation, conversion rates, and much more.

Why Choose CTM?

Marketing companies love to make vague promises or tout their expertise at nebulously defined acronyms like SEO, CRO, CAC, and KPI. While we SEO and CRO with the best of them (and our results show that we do it better than most), we also recognize that there is more to marketing than jargon!

Enjoy Effortless Communication

Stop wasting your time dealing with middlemen and marketing account managers who don’t understand your business. When you choose Cut Throat Marketing you’ll always be speaking with someone who knows your business.

Work With a Home Service Business Specialist

Most marketers are generalists – providing decent results for any business type. By working with a specialist you will get superior results for your home service business. From plumbing to catering, roofing to pest control – we understand service businesses.

Get Proven Results

We are great at what we do – but why believe us? After all, every marketing company says the same thing! Well, you can believe us because we can prove it. Our clients generate more leads and more revenue – it’s just that simple. Check out our results to see for yourself:

Find Out If We’re A Good Fit!

Do we sound like a marketing company you might want to work with? Then let’s find out! It all starts with a conversation. Send us a message and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your business and goals!


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