Zero Hassle, Full-Service Media Buying Services: From Strategy to Creative to Placement

Media buying is a great way for your brand to grow – but the process can be overwhelming. Instead of going it alone, choose Cut Throat Marketing as your media buying agency and enjoy an effortless media buying experience.

One-Stop Shop for Media Planning & Buying

For many small businesses, search engine optimization and digital advertising are all that is needed for growth. But, there comes a time when broadening your marketing campaigns to include a wider range of advertising mediums is the wisest use of your ad spend.

However, determining the best media to reach your target audience, developing your creative assets, and negotiating with media buyers is daunting – even if your only role is to manage the independent teams responsible for each task.

Instead of spending your valuable time wrangling creative agencies, market research teams, and media buying companies, Cut Throat Marketing’s comprehensive marketing solutions lets you spend more time focussed on running your business. From graphic design and video production to data-driven media strategy, we make traditional and digital media buying easy!

Our Available Media Channels

Radio Ads

Engage local listeners with targeted radio advertisements, ideal for reaching consumers on the go and tapping into the loyal listener base of popular stations.

OTT (Streaming Video) Ads

Place your brand on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Hulu, ensuring visibility in an increasingly cord-cutting market.

Local TV Ads

Reach diverse audiences in your community with tailored ad spots on local channels that resonate with viewers during peak viewing times.


Make a statement with billboards, transit posters, and digital signage in high-traffic areas, offering broad exposure and reinforcing brand presence.

Print Ads

Connect with your audience through ads in reputable print publications, offering a tangible touchpoint for those who still appreciate the formality and substance of print media.

Sponsored Web Posts

Advertise seamlessly with sponsored posts that align with your audience’s interests. Engaging content naturally builds interest and puts your brand at the center of the conversation.

Social Media Influencers

Collaborate with influencers across various social platforms to tap into established and trusting audiences, leveraging their reach and credibility to endorse your brand.

Display Ads

Capture clicks and generate conversions with eye-catching display ads placed on your target audience’s favorite websites including Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

Expand Your Brand Reach With Modern Media Buying

In decades past, marketing was media buying, but today the marketing strategies have shifted to social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO. Despite this shift, traditional marketing outlets like TV and radio, as well as emerging opportunities like streaming services and influencer marketing are powerful tools for reaching a wider audience and enhancing your brand recognition.

While digital advertising relies on the customer coming to you via Google searches or giving you their email address for newsletter campaigns, media buying lets you expand your ad space and encounter your customers wherever they may be.

Why Choose CTM?

Marketing companies love to make vague promises or tout their expertise at nebulously defined acronyms like SEO, CRO, CAC, and KPI. While we SEO and CRO with the best of them, we recognize that there is more to marketing than jargon!

Enjoy Effortless Communication

Stop wasting your time dealing with middlemen and marketing account managers who don’t understand your business. When you choose Cut Throat Marketing you’ll always be speaking with someone who knows your business.

Work With a Home Service Business Specialist

Most marketers are generalists – providing decent results for any business type. By working with a specialist you will get superior results for your home service business. From plumbing to catering, roofing to pest control – we understand service businesses.

Get Proven Results

We are great at what we do – but why believe us? After all, every marketing company says the same thing! Well, you can believe us because we can prove it. Our clients generate more leads and more revenue – it’s just that simple. Check out our results to see for yourself:

Find Out If We’re A Good Fit!

Do we sound like a marketing company you might want to work with? Then let’s find out! It all starts with a conversation. Send us a message and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your business and goals!


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