Never Miss a Lead When You Use A Powerful Customer Communication Suite

A great website with fantastic SEO means little to a prospect who doesn’t get a prompt reply to their service inquiry! Improve your customer response time, book more appointments, and get more reviews with less effort by using our unified customer communication suite.


When Connecting With Customers Is Easy, Leads Are Easy!

Running a business requires a lot of juggling – you have to answer messages coming in from different sources, schedule appointments, collect payments, and send out review requests – not mention the service visits themselves! Inevitably, one of these balls gets dropped and prospects accidentally get ignored, leads are missed, and review requests aren’t sent.

The solution is to bring all of these different communication channels under one roof: a customer communication suite. You’ll never miss lead when you can see customer inquiries from Google, email, web chat, Facebook, and more – all in one place. You’ll get a simplified review generation pipeline, appointment scheduling, and payment processing too!

Unified Inbox

Do you check your email, web chat, Google chat, FaceBook messages, voicemail, and SMS separately? Then you are increasing your lead response time, and risk overlooking leads that arrive in an infrequently checked inbox! A unified inbox helps you respond to leads more quickly and ensures you’ll never miss seeing a new prospect’s inquiry again.


Text Messaging

One of the best ways to lock in leads is to respond to customer inquiries fast! With SMS messaging your prospects will receive a text message from your business within minutes – breaking them out of their service search cycle! SMS reminders also help reduce customer appointment no-shows and are a great way to collect customer feedback after service calls!

Immediately respond to texts, emails and many other communications

Web Chat

Encouraging your customers to stop their search once they’ve found your website is the secret to conversion. Our web chat helps customers break out of browsing mode by sending SMS text replies to their phone, paving the way for them to become a new customer. During office hours you can set up live chat, or use automated replies after hours.


Online Booking

If customers had their way – all businesses would offer online booking. We understand that not every business can be run this way – but for some types of service businesses online booking just makes sense! An online booking system that integrates with your calendar lets customers schedule their own appointments, boosts conversions, and gets you more sales.


Review Generation

Getting more reviews is a proven way to improve your Google rankings and build customer trust. Our customer communication suite makes getting more positive reviews easy! Satisfied customers will be directed towards Google to leave a review while unhappy customer’s feedback will be sent to you, to help you address their concerns directly.

Bad reviews can be buried by continuously good service and good reviews

Pay By Text & Online Payment Processing

Accepting electronic payments doesn’t require you to use connectivity-problem prone bluetooth dongles that always seem to have a low battery! Instead, simply send an invoice via SMS-message and your customer can pay right from their phone! Alternatively, you can direct your customer to your online payment portal and take payments online.


Why Choose CTM?

Marketing companies love to make vague promises or tout their expertise at nebulously defined acronyms like SEO, CRO, CAC, and KPI. While we SEO and CRO with the best of them (and our results show that we do it better than most), we also recognize that there is more to marketing than jargon!

Enjoy Effortless Communication

Stop wasting your time checking multiple inboxes multiple times per day! A unified inbox lets you see at a glance when new leads have arrived. And, with SMS appointment notifications, reminding customers about upcoming visits is as easy as clicking a button!

Increase Your Conversion Rate

The longer it takes to respond to a lead the less likely it is that you’ll be making a sale! With automatic SMS replies to customer inquiries and online appointment booking you’ll be able to end your prospect’s search and convert them into a new customer!

Spend Less Time Running Your Business, and More Time Growing It

Tracking down payment invoices and sending out review requests don’t have to be a part of your daily to-do list! When you use our customer communication suite, you’ll be able to more efficiently send & track invoices and get more reviews without increasing your workload.

Work With a Home Service Business Specialist

Most marketers are generalists – but that means their solutions don’t always work with industry specific programs. As home service business specialists, our tools integrate easily with Service Titan, Housecall Pro, Pestpac, Field Edge, and more!

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