Organic Traffic + Effective Ads + A Website That Converts = More Revenue!

The formula for digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a website that is designed to convert curious visitors into solid leads, robust SEO to drive organic traffic, and PPC ads to ensure your technicians’ calendars are always full!

Using these tactics we were able to help Kay Plumbing increase their annual revenue by nearly $1,000,000!

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When Kay Plumbing came to us they were frustrated with their digital marketing. Despite everything they had tried (and all of the money they had spent on SEO experts and website designers) their website simply wasn’t generating many leads. They knew something wasn’t working, but the problem itself remained elusive.

We sat down with them and quickly identified a few major problems. Poor website conversion rates, ineffective advertising, lackluster SEO, not enough customer reviews, and poor tracking and analytics data. The best solution was to work up a new digital marketing strategy and fix all of these issues at the same time!

Scope of Work


Website Design Services


Local SEO


Google PPC Advertising


Review Management Software


Website Hosting

How We Increased Annual Revenue by $1,000,000

Location Traffic for Kay Plumbing in 2022

Increased Organic Traffic by 600%

By improving Kay Plumbing’s local SEO we were able to help them rank for competitive local keywords and boost their organic traffic by six-fold. This led to their website generating an average of 100 leads per month!


A Website That Converts 1 in 10 Visitors

Web traffic is one of those KPIs that means little by itself, and that’s why we build sites designed for conversion! Kay’s new website reached a staggering 10% conversion rate – putting our increased organic traffic to good use!


PPC Ads Converting at 18%

While the typical conversion rate for Google pay per click ads is just 3.75%, Kay Plumbing received a phone call or form submission from 18% of those who clicked on their PPC campaigns!


Hundreds of New Reviews

In order to attract customers, your business needs a steady stream of positive customer feedback. Using automated customer review management software we were able to help Kay Plumbing receive 263 new customer reviews.

How We Achieved Our Results


Website Redesign

Maximizing conversion rates starts at your website. We built Kay Plumbing a new website from the ground up, with services pages optimized for conversion. The results speak for themselves, with over 10% of their total traffic sending them a message or giving them a call! Additionally, the new website better showcases their work, loads faster, and looks better!


Google PPC Advertising

In a saturated market like plumbing, it can be time consuming to get results from organic SEO efforts. However, with PPC advertising (and a conversion optimized website) Kay Plumbing was able to generate leads quickly. Using Google PPC Smart Campaigns we were able to identify and target their ideal customers with an 18% conversion rate!


Review Management Software

Every small business owner knows that getting reviews is an important part of doing business – but the process is tedious and time consuming! Instead of wasting valuable time performing this task by hand, we implemented an automated review management system which identified satisfied customers and asked for public feedback, resulting in 263 reviews.

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