Multi-Faceted Marketing Success: Increased Traffic, Higher Rankings, and More Leads!

Carolina Comfort has been working with us for a few years now and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Today their website dominates Google search results, they rank on top of Google Maps, their PPC ads generate affordable leads, their name is synonymous with quality HVAC services in the South Carolina Midlands, and the leads just keep pouring in!

These successes are what a multi-year partnership working with Cut Throat Marketing looks like!

Carolina Comfort Heating and Air Columbia SC

HVAC Installation and Repair

Carolina Comfort has been providing HVAC installation and repair services in the South Carolina Midlands since 1992 and came to us as a well established company. Prior to hiring us, they had been working with a national marketing firm whose specialty was HVAC websites.

Unfortunately, the firm used cookie-cutter websites, only bothering to replace company names, logos, and addresses. This practice, which remains surprisingly common, resulted in dismal Google search rankings and poor landing page conversion rates.

A side effect of their poor conversion rates was that their advertising campaigns were costing them over $100 per lead as a sizable portion of their inbound traffic was left unconvinced by what they saw. With our work cut out for us, we began developing a new marketing strategy, redesigning their website, improving their PPC campaigns, refining their local SEO, and implementing branding efforts across social media, radio, and community events.

Scope of Work


Website Design Services


Marketing Strategy Development


Local SEO


Social Media Management


Google PPC Advertising


Media Buying

Increased Traffic, Higher Rankings, Improved Conversions, Better Name Recognition, and More Leads!


242% Increase in Website Traffic

Cookie cutter websites simply don’t make Google happy. After switching from a one-size-fits-all HVAC template to a completely custom, SEO optimized website, Carolina Comfort saw a 242% increase in unique site visits.

Ruling the Google Map Pack

With as many as 40% of a service business’s leads coming from Google Maps, local SEO is essential for success! Our efforts have secured Carolina Comfort a controlling lead and near 100% share of voice for most of the top HVAC-related keywords.

Reduced Cost Per Lead By Over 75%

When Carolina Comfort came to us their ad campaigns were costing them over $100 per HVAC service call. By improving their website’s conversion rate and ad targeting we’ve gotten their PPC ad cost per lead down to just $26.31.


Ranking On Top of Google Search

When you search for HVAC keywords in the South Carolina Midlands, you’re going to find Carolina Comfort! Carolina Comfort ranks in the top 3 for dozens of keywords in one of the nation’s most hotly contested HVAC markets.

Becoming a Household Name

Through social media campaigns, radio ads, and local event sponsorships, Carolina Comfort has seen their branded search volume increase by 212% from 2022 to 2023 and branded search now accounts for 22% of their total traffic.

Increased Lead Generation by 320%

The combined effects of ranking higher for organic searches, dominating the Google Maps results, and cost effective PPC ad campaigns is clear to see! Carolina Comfort saw a 320% increase in their lead generation!

How We Achieved Our Results

Website Redesign

We built Carolina Comfort’s new website from the ground up, with 100% original content, SEO optimization, landing pages designed for conversion, graphics which better showcase their work, and intuitive submission forms. The new website looks and performs great, receiving 242% more traffic and generating 320% more leads!

Google PPC Advertising

By improving their website’s conversion rate in combination with Google Pay Per Click ad campaigns, we were able to reduce Carolina Comfort’s cost per conversion by over 75% – slashing costs from over $100 to just 26.31! This allows Carolina Comfort to dynamically scale their lead generation simply by varying their PPC spending.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is the lifeblood of service businesses – if your prospects can’t find you on Google or Google Maps, they can’t become your customers! By optimizing Carolina Comfort’s Google Business Profile, building local directory links, and improving their reviews generation pipeline we helped them achieve top results for local keywords on Google and Google Maps.

Social Media Management

While we can’t take responsibility for Carolina Comfort’s great service, we do help them stay in touch with their customers by managing their social media. With engaging posts that offer practical tips, celebrate our community involvement, and highlight customer reviews, we are able to cultivate brand loyalty and increase brand awareness.

Event Sponsorships

It’s one thing to serve the individuals of your community and another to serve the community as a whole. A key part of the marketing strategy that we have developed is active community engagement through event sponsorships and charity drives. Sometimes we’ve even been called on to literally serve as their mascot – donning the ComfyBear suit!

Radio Advertisements

As a Lennox Premier Dealer, Carolina Comfort qualified for a cooperative advertising partnership for local radio ads. We identified radio stations with robust local coverage, developed content for the advertising, and finalized the media buys. The result has been an uptick in both calls and branded searches, indicating an improvement in brand awareness.

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