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Losing Money on Advertising that Doesn’t Work?

Did you know that 75% of site visitors go to websites on the first page of Google Results? People don’t want to dig through page after page of websites to find what they are looking for. They want clear, concise information with great reviews on the first page or bust. That’s where search engine optimization (seo) come in to play.

You can’t afford to negotiate with quality and visibility when it comes to landing new customers. 

Whether you are a local Columbia business or nationwide brand, the key to effective digital marketing is to know what your customer wants, using keywords and responsive website design. But more than that, you need a marketing company that will tell you, point blank, what works and what doesn’t. Someone who can be blunt when it comes to making your advertising efforts a success. 

In a world where everyone wants to be #1, it takes more than throwing money at search engines to get that spot. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cut throat business. That’s where the team at Cut Throat Marketing comes in, we provide your business with a personalized strategy that gets your advertising and marketing efforts on track. No bull. Invest in your business, call Cut Throat Marketing today.

Our Services

Website Design

We provide expert web design services that make your business’s online presence look more professional, more put together, and more accessible than any other in the Columbia area.  No broken links, no security flaws, and no wasted content when it comes to bringing customers to your site. Our designers use the latest techniques and design methods to make your site looking as cutting-edge as your business.

Search Engine Optimization 

We also have expert content writers on staff, ones that know how to get the attention of search engines and new customers alike. You want your business to be the expert in your field, the authority in your domain, without wasted space or content. We research trending keywords and browsing data based on competitor market and regions to produce content that places your business at the top of your industry. We also stay on top of changes in search engine ranking algorithms, so when Google makes changes, we can adjust your content so it continues performing.

Online Reputation Management 

People review you. They talk about you on Facebook and Twitter. Do you know what they are saying?

If you can’t answer “yes” to that question, then you are not paying attention to the pulse of your market. 

We’ll dig into your company’s online reputation, looking at reviews and mentions on all major social media platforms. We’ll see what people are saying, and consult with you to get the good word out.

Search Engine Marketing

If you’re ready to take a deeper step into online marketing, Cut Throat Marketing will also manage your paid search engine advertising. We’ll help develop a Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaign that comes up on regional and nationwide searches, to make sure that your site is in front of the right customers.

On top of that, we can help you develop target pages that help you convert potential customers into long-term ones. Our design team and copywriters can build pages that get new customers to call, click, or sign up.

Graphic Design

To help ensure the quality of your brand in print or pixel, we have partnered with Columbia, SC design studio Big Eye Bird. If you already have your brand ad graphics, we provide services to help you best publish your materials online or in print. If you need consulting and graphic design services to kick-star your brand, we can refer you to Big Eye Bird for logo design and other select services. You can then work with us to get your brand up and running.

Cut Throat Marketing serves the regional Columbia, SC area with top-tier marketing services. We are also available for nationwide marketing projects and brand management consultations. Please contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

Personal Optimization Audit

A website audit is a full analysis of all the factors that affect a website’s visibility in search engines. This method gives a complete insight into any website, overall traffic and individual pages. The website audit starts from a general analysis of a website aimed at revealing the actions needed to improve search engine optimization (SEO). There are many reasons to do a website audit, but in most cases SEO and content marketing are the main ones. A website audit made for SEO purposes discovers weak spots of a website’s SEO score and helps understand the state of SEO. Content audit is used to analyze the engagement and what changes have to be made to the content strategy to enhance the site’s performance.

Be Brave, Be Cut Throat.

Take the next step for your business and contact Cut Throat Marketing today. Stop throwing your money away and invest in your future. We know SEO can be confusing; Be brave, Cut Throat is here to help your business do it right.

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