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Sick of being promised the world? Have a new account manager every other week? Your business can’t afford to waste money on digital marketing, but you also won’t get calls without a digital presence. So, what do you do? You find an experienced and data-driven partner who gets to know your business and helps you understand the world of SEO. You get Cut Throat.

Change the way you think about digital marketing.

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Website Designer near South Carolina


Your website should be your most active employee. It should be working around the clock to keep your two audiences happy: the human customer, and the AI bots that decide where you rank. Most importantly, your website should sound like you and answer questions in enough detail that people trust you to schedule a service.

On Page SEO Services by Cut Throat


Don’t let an “SEO guru” trick you into spending money on supposedly special tricks and secrets that lead to nowhere. Your web pages and blog articles should reflect your company and generate leads and clients. We’re not “SEO gurus”. We’re SEO experts. And we have the data to prove it. If you want snakeoil, then go elsewhere. We only use real strategies and tactics that have proven themselves over and over again. Cut out the BS. Go Cut Throat instead.

Pay Per Click Services By Cut Throat


Hired an in-house digital marketer for paid ads, but got little or nothing in return? PPC can be an excellent standalone marketing strategy for companies in nearly every industry. But hiring in-house is expensive, and you don’t want to spend more money for nothing. When configured properly, PPC can generate a steady and predictable number of leads. At Cut Throat, we’re cheaper than a member of your team, but we give you more: we show you exactly where your money is going and exactly what you’re getting in return for it — leads and conversions.

Cut Throat is a reputation management agency


Getting 5-star reviews isn’t hard. We show you how to consistently (and effortlessly) get great reviews. At the same time, don’t let a bad review break your company’s progress. With our review management system, we promote your company to receive positive reviews on major platforms, and we reach out to negative reviews to have them updated or even removed. Don’t wait for a 1-star review to get started.


Carolina Comfort

After an extensive site audit, we created and implemented a custom-built system with new hosting, updated SEO, and research-driven content. Now Carolina Comfort’s site ranks for the terms their customers use to find HVAC contractors online, traffic has increased to 242% more unique monthly visitors, and the cost per lead has been cut in half.

Kay Plumbing

After building an accurate and meaningful performance system, we turned those insights into a strategy that included social media and ads to pull in prospects, a revamped website to turn them into leads, and a review management system to automatically solicit online reviews from their happiest customers. Resulting in a 600% rise in organic traffic growth, hundreds of positive online reviews, and 4x increase in revenue over 3 years.

Rytec Electric

Since discovering a fraudulent company were sending fake web traffic to Rytec’s site, we rewrote and optimized all content, rebuilt the online marketing funnel to convert high-intent customers, and implemented a guest posting strategy for relevant websites. Rytec are now the highest-ranking local business for its most profitable keywords, conversion rates are well above industry average, and a fully transparent and accountable marketing system is now in place.

We Do marketing Differently


Using multiple platforms to drive brand awareness and generate sales, allows us to deliver guaranteed results based on actionable targets. Our detailed onboarding process, including viability screening and technical SEO audits, sets us apart from your typical digital marketing agency as we get to know your company inside and out.

Developing a tailored strategy to get you more qualified leads and higher close rates includes a revamped website, research-driven content creation, and a performance tracking system to achieve your goals. Monthly meetings and ongoing optimization ensures performance improves continuously over time.


Most digital marketing agencies use a copy and paste system that’s applied to all clients, regardless of industry. At Cut Throat Marketing, we never settle for mediocrity. Our reputation for delivering reliable growth and profitable leads and sales precedes us, but don’t just take our word for it.

Satisfied customers from across the nation report 100% positive reviews, we’ve been recognized as’s Top Rated Digital Marketing Firm in Columbia, SC, and received CIO Review’s award for the Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies of 2020.

Our Blog

We like data, a lot, and it shows in our blogs. Enjoy the reading! 

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