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Digital marketing isn’t just about telling people what you do. It is about getting your products on their screens and telling them why they need you. That’s what we do. We tell you exactly how to get ranked, convert customers, and put your best foot forward. And we do it with honest, no-nonsense advice.  

Did you know that sites that show up on the first page of Google results get 90% of clicks? There’s a ton of competition out there, with different companies trying to make it to the top. We outsmart them all by doing our homework: competition research, keyword research, and staying up on the latest Google search trends. That means we know what it takes to find out what your customers search for, and how you can show up first when they do.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just about targeting a keyword. It’s about: 

search engine optimization


  1. Designing websites so that Google recognizes them as high-quality content. 
  2. Writing copy that attracts search results while still appealing to real human customers. 
  3. Researching trends in search marketing to create new techniques for attracting customers. 
  4. Staying on top of your industry and competition so that you are never left in the dust. 

We are the South Carolina SEO experts, and we will tell you exactly what needs to happen to increase your customer base, increase your revenue, and improve your brand reputation.


Cut Throat staff includes trained content developers, web designers, and SEO keyword strategists that only have one job – get your message and products selling. We take care of design and copywriting as part of a complete package. None of the broken links, unfinished pages, or unprofessional designs that sink pages. Just high-quality site design and content that sells.

search engine optimization

Trying to get your voice heard on social media can feel like a battle. We at Cut Throat are ready for that fight, and we will push your brand, your content, and your products on social media so that everyone knows how amazing you are. Selecting the right social media platforms for your business and actively engaging your audience to get the organic conversions we know your friendly business is capable of achieving. 


Pay Per Click Campaigns by Cut Throat Marketing

Get competitive with you PPC campaigns and really get results! 

pay per click

Ever see those links at the top of Google search result? The ones that show up BEFORE everyone else? That’s Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and we are good at it. When you are ready to take the extra step, you should consider paid advertising to compliment your SEO work. We manage your campaigns, formulate ad layouts and landing pages, and do everything we can to grab every customer we can, every time. 

Generating Phone Calls. Honest SEO Services

These numbers add up. No weird math, we make it simple for you. From consulting to total control, it is your company and nothing online should ever be “held hostage”.

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East Coast Turf Pros Website By Cut Throat Marketing
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Mickeys Auto Repair Lexington SC
Bristeeri Technologies IT Security Specialist

“Cut Throat Marketing is the marketing department for small and medium sized businesses that either don’t have a marketing department or needs to supplement their efforts. Cynthia and her team take the time to learn your business and how to best organically present it in the digital world. They use Google analytics and it’s ever-changing algorithms to keep your seo up to date. (If you don’t know what that means, you REALLY need to call them.) I’ve referred Cut Throat Marketing to several businesses that are looking to grow their presence on the web and I highly recommend them.”  11 months ago

Jim Dewitt

Owner, Legends Security & Sound

“The folks at Cut Throat Marketing really know their stuff! And, they provide top notch customer service. Highly, HIGHLY recommended!” March 2019 Review

Bart Baldwin

Owner, Bart's Crazy Good Coffee

“Cynthia started working for Rennison Roofing and Exteriors, LLC a few months ago, and we couldn’t be happier. Our website is beautiful, our Facebook is working for us, Google is finally working for us, which ultimately means our phone is ringing. We’ve paid a lot of people in the past to do this and got absolutely no results back. We get every penny back in the work she does with us. Would highly recommend her services (unless it means she can’t fit us in, and then, NOPE, you can’t have her)!! Thanks Cynthia!!!”  Jan 2018 review

David Rennison

Owner, Rennison Roofing

“I love Cut Throat Marketing. I’m new to the area and needed someone to help me get my name out. Cynthia and I sat down and set goals for Serenity Therapeutic Massage. And we met our first goal in less than 6 months! As a massage therapist Cut Throat Marketing strategies is what got me noticed. Thank you Cut Throat Marketing!”  Jan 2018 Review

Angela Raley

Owner, Serenity Therapeutic Massage

Free Website Audit

There are several ways in which search engines, and customers, find your site. But if you aren’t putting out the right design, content, or message, then it wouldn’t matter if there were a million. You must market right. Cut Throat will tell you exactly how to do that.  

We will audit your existing website to determine what’s going right, and what’s going wrong. We’ll look at the site structure, the design, the content, and we will provide a brutally honest assessment of what needs to happen to increase traffic. Increased traffic means increased sales… and it is our job to make you money.

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