We know how to help you CUT THROUGH THE NOISE because we’ve been doing it for decades.


We’re mostly a bunch of millenials that spent too much time on AOL in the late 90s, and watched the internet grow from a niche hobby to a necessity in modern life.


Having been marketed to since we could turn on Nickelodeon, we understand the importance of targeting the right audience.


As Google became one of the largest corporations in the world, we watched and learned how it successfully monetized data.


We understood the power of “influencers” long before social media was a thing, from watching fashion trends emerge on MTV reality shows.


Most of us never had a cable subscription since we moved out of our parent’s home, as we’re aware how media consumption trends can change overnight.


We’ve watched Apple come back from the brink of bankruptcy to become an unstoppable corporate juggernaut. All because of good design, and perfectly executed marketing.


We understand it because our generation is the direct result of non-stop advertising and media consumption, and every one of us is driven by a single question… Why?

Our Team


Cynthia Giles

Chief (Executive)
Geoffrey Giles COO at Cut Throat Marketing

Geoffrey Giles

Chief (Operations)
Tayla Cameron Office Manager at Cut Throat Marketing

Tayla Cameron

Office Manager
Jon Plato SEO Manager at Cut Throat Marketing

Jon Plato

SEO Manager
Evan Meehan

Evan Meehan

Kaela Cameron

Kaela Cameron

Social Media Coordinator
Maureen Thompson

Maureen Thompson

Local SEO Coordinator
Lauren Welss

Lauren Wells

SEO Coordinator

Anton Konchakovski

Google / Facebook Ads
Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones

Photographer/Social Media Coordinator
Kat Benson

Kat Benson

Jr. Web Developer