Chart-Topping Rankings, Cost-Effective Clicks: A Tale of SEO and PPC Synergy

Ranking on top of Google puts your business in front of thousands of prospects every day and can single handedly propel your business to success. With the right strategy and perseverance we were able to help Cramer Pest Control come to dominate their local SEO market, and use PPC ads to ensure their technicians’ schedules are always kept full.


Pest Control & Wildlife Removal Services

Cramer Pest Control has been a client with us for just over a year now and is a great case study in what happens when you take a focused approach to your marketing strategy. Pest control and wildlife removal are highly competitive industries with dozens of local players, and businesses require a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to marketing in order to stand out.

Our strategy for getting Cramer Pest Control to the top of their industry included comprehensive marketing strategy development, a full website build, local SEO optimization, social media management, and pay-per-click advertising.

Scope of Work

Marketing Strategy Development


Website Design Services


Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Management


Google PPC Advertising

Dominant Local SEO Performance & Efficient PPC Leadgen


Ranking On Top of Google Search

When you search for pest control and animal removal keywords in the South Carolina Midlands, you’re going to find Cramer Pest – and usually within the top 3 organic results!


Leading the Pack on Google Maps

In addition to dominating traditional Google search results – Cramer Pest Control stands above the rest on Google maps, securing 100% share of local voice and ranking 1st for most relevant keywords.


Generating Leads for Just $14.31

For every call or form submission that Cramer Pest Control received from PPC campaigns, they spent just $14.31! This affordable on-demand lead generation helps them keep their technicians fully booked!

How We Achieved Our Results


Website Redesign

Maximizing SEO performance starts with your website. We built Cramer Pest Control a website from the ground up and the results speak for themselves. From service pages which please the Google bots (as well as convert effectively) to blog posts which build authority, Cramer Pest Control’s website dominates high volume keywords across their industry.


Value Proposition Development

Cramer Pest Control came to us without any clearly defined value propositions – leaving customers to guess why they should work with them over their competitors. During our onboarding process we learn what makes our clients special and develop effective value propositions from that information – helping set their brand apart from the competition.


Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is the lifeblood of service businesses – if your prospects can’t find you on Google or Google Maps, they can’t become your customers! By optimizing Cramer Pest Control’s Google Business Profile, building local directory links, and improving their reviews generation pipeline we helped them achieve top results for local keywords on Google and Google Maps.


Google PPC Advertising

Even with dominant local SEO performance, being able to pay a few dollars to generate high quality leads is incredibly powerful. Using Google PPC Smart Campaigns we were able to quickly identify and target their ideal customers at just $14.31 per lead. This allows Cramer Pest to dynamically scale their lead generation simply by varying their PPC spending.

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