High Conversion, Low Expense: We Get Results From PPC Ads

Pay per click advertising is great for driving traffic and in combination with conversion optimized landing pages is a highly effective way to boost revenue. Midlands Landscape saw first hand how this one-two punch can generate high conversion rates with a low cost per lead!

Google Ads

Premium Landscaping and Hardscaping Services

Midlands Landscape is a well-established premium landscaping and hardscaping company who came to us looking to increase their lead generation. The company was established and doing well, but had primarily been growing due to word of mouth leading the owner to correctly believe that a dedicated marketing effort could lead to meaningful gains.

After meeting with them we determined that a website redesign, value proposition development, and Google Pay Per Click advertisements would set them on this path and got to work.

Scope of Work

Marketing Strategy Development


Website Design Services


Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Management


Google PPC Advertising

PPC Ad Campaigns That Produce Impressive Results

Google Ads

PPC Ads Converting at 13.8%

While the typical conversion rate for Google pay per click ads is just 3.75%, Midlands Landscape received a phone call or form submission from 13.8% of those who clicked on their Google ads!


Generating Leads for Just $11.80

For every call or form submission that Midlands Landscape received, they spent just $11.80 on PPC ads! With an average transaction price of several hundred dollars, this campaign delivered an impressive ROI.

How We Achieved Our Results


Website Redesign

Maximizing conversion rates starts at your website. We built Midlands Landscape a new website from the ground up, with services pages optimized for conversion. The results speak for themselves, with over 13% of their PPC traffic sending them a message or giving them a call! Additionally, the new website better showcases their work, loads faster, and looks better!


Value Proposition Development

Midlands Landscape came to us without any clearly defined value propositions – leaving customers to guess why they should work with them over their competitors. During our onboarding process we learn what makes our clients special and develop effective value propositions from that information – helping us generate industry-leading conversion rates.


Google PPC Advertising

In a saturated market like landscaping, it can be time consuming to get results from organic SEO efforts. However, with PPC advertising (and a conversion optimized website) Midlands Landscape was able to generate leads quickly. Using Google PPC Smart Campaigns we were able to quickly identify and target their ideal customers at just $11.80 per lead!

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