Killer SEO and PPC Ads with Stunning Conversion Rates: The Power of a Cohesive Marketing Plan

While it is easy to look at digital marketing and see discrete services that don’t really overlap – the reality is a unified marketing plan produces better results. Century Glass watched their SERP rankings and conversion rates soar after switching to Cut Throat Marketing for all of their marketing needs.


Mobile Automotive Glass Repair Services

It’s not uncommon for companies to work with two, three, or even four different companies for their marketing; one company for ads, another for web-dev, a third for SEO, and possibly even a fourth for branding or social media!

When Century Glass came to us this was exactly their situation, and they were wasting valuable time wrangling vendors and not getting their desired results. To make things worse, their stable of marketers were bickering amongst themselves, with the SEO guy wanting changes from the web guy and then the ad guy getting mad at the web guy for making those changes because they hurt his ad performance. Needless to say, the situation was less than ideal!

As a mobile automotive glass repair company, Century Glass had to contend with national competitors and so the high effort and middling results simply weren’t going to cut it! We brought all of their marketing under one roof, and since that time Century Glass has watched their digital marketing exceed all expectations.

Scope of Work

Marketing Strategy Development


Website Design Services


Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Management


Google PPC Advertising

One Third of All Ad Traffic Results in a New Lead!

Century SERP
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Google Ads That Drive Leads

When folks see Century Glass’s PPC ads on Google – they click! A full 8.5% of their Google ads receive a click and then a whopping 33% of these prospects turn into leads, submitting an online form request or giving them a call!

Pay Per Gaze Google Ads

High Conversion Rates Keep PPC Costs Low

If Pay Per Click campaigns are only generating traffic, they aren’t working! However, with our 33% conversion rate, Century Glass’s PPC campaign is producing leads worth hundreds of dollars each at just $20 per lead!

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Ranking on Top of the SERPs

Auto glass repair search results are highly contested with national companies usually vying with each other for the top spot. Despite playing in the big leagues, Century Glass organically ranks in the top 5 for essential keywords.

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An Average Rank of 1.84 on Local Searches

With 84% share of voice and an average Google maps ranking of 1.84 for highly competitive keywords, Century Glass’s local search performance proves that a unified approach to local SEO can produce amazing results.

How We Achieved Our Results


One Point of Contact for All Marketing Services

Bringing all of Century Glass’s marketing under one roof reduced the managerial complexity that they were facing and also allowed us to implement sweeping changes to their marketing strategies without stepping on anyones’ toes. The result is a marketing campaign that performs better while requiring less intervention from the client.


Website Redesign

Maximizing conversion rates starts at your website. We built Century Glass a new website from the ground up, with services pages optimized for conversion. The results speak for themselves, with 33% of their PPC traffic sending them a message or giving them a call! Additionally, the new website better showcases their work, loads faster, and looks better!


Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is the lifeblood of service businesses – if your prospects can’t find you on Google or Google Maps, they can’t become your customers! By optimizing Century Glass’s Google Business Profile, building local directory links, and improving their reviews generation pipeline we helped them achieve top results for local keywords on Google and Google Maps.


Google PPC Advertising

Even with dominant local SEO performance, being able to pay a few dollars to generate high quality leads is incredibly powerful. Using Google PPC Smart Campaigns we were able to quickly identify and target their ideal customers at just $20 per lead. This allows Century Glass to dynamically scale their lead generation simply by varying their PPC spending.

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