Becoming the Leading Franchise: One Company’s Marketing Journey to Success

When Colors on Parade Columbia came to us, the commercial side of their business was booming but retail sales were slow. We determined that they were being held back by a poorly converting website and lacked a clearly defined marketing strategy, and got to work.

The results have been nothing short of incredible with 800% more web form submissions, 570% more phone calls, and new branding for their wheel repair division which the corporate office loves!

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Auto Body Repair Company

Colors on Parade Columbia is a local franchise of a national auto body repair company that specializes in cosmetic repairs like paintless dent removal, scratch repair, and wheel repairs. When the company came to us we saw that they had tremendous value propositions – as they could perform body-shop quality repairs at a lower price and without the 8 weeks waiting list that is common in our area.

Despite having very compelling value propositions, we saw that Colors on Parade’s marketing wasn’t doing a good job articulating their strengths and their website was barely generating any leads. Not only that, but the company didn’t have a Customer Management System in place, leaving each technician to devise their own system of managing their clients and scheduling appointments.

As a result, Colors on Parade’s retail division was lagging well behind their commercial repair division, and management hoped a refreshed marketing plan would help them reach a wider audience. With lots of room for improvement we set to work, putting together a comprehensive marketing plan directed at retail customers that has yielded some truly incredible results.

Scope of Work


Website Design Services


Marketing Strategy Development




Google PPC Advertising


Unified Inbox

Transformative Results: 800% More Web Submissions, 570% More Calls!

Century SERP

800% Increase in Website Form Submissions

Prior to revamping their website, Colors on Parade was getting very few form submissions. After their website redesign customers are eagerly submitting requests, and monthly form submissions have risen by over 800%!


570% Increase in Retail Repair Calls

While call volume reporting was inconsistent prior to our arrival, Colors on Parade tells us that their retail call volume rose by approximately 570% within the first four months of our marketing campaign rollout.


19.9% Year over Year Increase in Google Business Profile Interactions

After optimizing their Google Business Profile, Colors on Parade’s total profile interactions jumped by 19.9%. Monthly clicks to their website rose by an even greater margin, with their GBP generating 150% more traffic than before.


Google Ads That Drive Leads

When folks see Colors on Parade’s PPC ads on Google – they click! A full 8% of their Google ad impressions receive a click and then a whopping 30% of these prospects turn into leads, submitting an online form request or giving them a call!


Quality Leads That Cost Less than $10!

If Pay Per Click campaigns are only generating traffic, they aren’t working! However, with their website converting 30% of prospects, Colors on Parade’s PPC campaign produces leads worth hundreds of dollars for just $9.61 each!


New Branding Receives the Corporate Seal of Approval

As a franchise, Colors on Parade Columbia’s branding must pass muster before it can be implemented. Both of our website design and a new wheel repair branding were given approval by corporate and have helped Colors Columbia excel.


Colors on Parade Columbia Becomes Highest Performing Franchise

Within months of their new marketing campaign, Colors on Parade Columbia was able to outperform the prior franchise leader, which had previously been on top of the company earnings board for two years running!


Ranking on Top of the SERPs

While SEO was not a primary focus of this project, our website redesign and Google Business Profile optimizations have put Colors on Parade in the top three SERP rankings for dozens of highly competitive local keywords.

How We Achieved Our Results


Value Proposition Development

Colors on Parade came to us without any clearly defined value propositions – leaving customers to guess why they should work with them despite their myriad benefits. During our onboarding process we learn what makes our clients special and develop effective value propositions from that information – helping set their brand apart from the competition.


Website Redesign

We built Colors on Parade a new website from the ground up, with clearly articulated value propositions, landing pages designed to increase conversions, graphics which better showcase their work, and intuitive submission forms. The results are clear: 800% more website form submissions, 570% more calls, and 30% of their PPC traffic resulting in a lead!


Google PPC Advertising

Even with effective organic search performance, being able to pay a few dollars to generate high quality leads is incredibly powerful. Using Google PPC Smart Campaigns we were able to quickly identify and target their ideal customers at just $9.61 per lead. This allows Colors on Parade to dynamically scale their lead generation simply by varying their PPC spending.


One Inbox For Leads from All Sources

Switching from ad hoc customer management to a dedicated Unified Inbox that merged web submissions, text messages, and phone calls has helped Colors on Parade answer leads more quickly, track clients across their customer journey, follow up with review requests, and glean valuable insights into their marketing campaign’s performance.

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